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California : Big Sur : Treebones Resort

We spoiled ourselves way to early on this trip. Through no real fault of our own, though, things just happened the way the were meant to. I'll explain: in an attempt to let go and allow the trip to govern itself, I had the bright idea to go to Big Sur, California without making any reservations for our accommodations. It is no real surprise that I tend to have some control issues when it comes to planning, sometimes, I overdo it! But with this trip, I wanted to fly by the seat of my pants, and let things happen more naturally.

After we left Santa Cruz, we were headed toward Big Sur to seek out a campsite for the evening. Little did we know that it was going to be such a challenge. From everything I read, I found that the time we were going to be there was during the off-season, which was supposed to make it easier.

After stopping at a few different campsites with no luck, we decided to stop at Treebones Resort. I remembered that they had campsites, albeit at a hefty price, but at this point, we were desperate! Now just so you know, when I first began planning our trip I had my heart set on staying at the resort, but blew it off because of their 2 night minimum rule. The accommodations at this resort are pretty pricey, and at a two night minimum, well, we just decided to stick with camping instead to keep our costs low. Seeing the resorts perched on top of the cliff overlooking the ocean was a treat in and of itself, but what wasn't so great was, being told that they didn't have any campsites available—DANG!

Sunset @ Treebones

Luckily for us, they had just received a cancellation on yurt # 7, and promptly handed us a map so that we could go take a look. We took off running since there was a couple behind us who would have been next in line if we decided to keep looking elsewhere. Being as though we were so drained, and I wanted to stay there from the beginning, it really wasn't a hard sell! Upon returning to the desk, I wanted to get my questions out of the way, 1.) Could we just get it for one night? 2.) How much?! I was happy to know that, in fact, they would allow us to have it for just one night, but the price, oh vey, the price was not what I had in mind, but what the hay, let's do it!

Fisheye Yurt

So now the question arises, what the heck is a YURT?!?! To give you a simple answer, it's sort of a round semi-permanent tent-like structure. A better explanation would be to tell you that, originally they were, and still are, portable dwellings used by nomads. Instead of spending a lot of time explaining it to you, why don't I just show you!!

Now, I only had the idea to do a video right before we were getting ready to leave, so the room isn't exactly as it was. I love how you can hear the birds chirping in the background, but I don't like how you can hear me breathing into the mic.......haha oh, well.

See photos of the inside: HERE

It was like a little ewok village with about 16 other domed abodes. It was quite a task getting our belongings to the yurt, but they provided a nice little wagon with beefy tires to transport everything. I really liked how there was only a walking path around the village, it helped you to stay more in tune with nature.

B&W Yurt Village

The panoramic ocean views were spectacular from up there. And our little yurt had a full ocean view!

Morning @ Treebones
(this wasn't our yurt)

After showering in the community bath house—that's the thing, the yurts didn't have private baths (but I didn't mind)—we had dinner in the lodge. The restaurant within the resort requires that you pre-order dinner from the fixed menu (if you want to eat). So, at the time you chose, you show up at the restaurant, and wait for them to bring it out to you—no waiting around, it was great!

Dinner @ Treebones
(Veggie Lasagna For Technodoll)

Inside Lodge
Inside the Lodge

The lodge had a wonderful community feel to it, and the staff was super friendly—I didn't want to leave! Next time, I want to stay in a yurt the entire time :o) Another cool thing about Treebones Resort is that they are off the grid, meaning that they generate their own power. The resort also has its own well, and everything is powered by propane-fueled turbines; the heat produced in the process is used to warm water and some of the yurts. Several, including ours, had gas fireplaces. Man, I wanna go back there right now!

Cody and I have thought about getting some land and buying one of our own. These were not very big, but they make some really nice ones for an affordable price that are much larger. Staying there gave us an idea of what it would be like to have one of our own. They definitely held up against some fierce winds the night we stayed, I seriously thought the roof was going to blow right off!

Sorry for such a looooooooong post, I know some folks will appreciate it though :o)


  1. Found your blog linked at A Little Bird and wanted to thank you for my mini vacation via your post tonight! I love Big Sur and haven't been there for decades. Living in Oregon, I see lots of perfection at our coast here (and our state parks offer yurts, too!). But there is a special mystique about Big Sur. I remember a restaurant in the area called Nepenthe - wonder if it's still there.

    I'll bookmark your blog and in the meantime happy travels.

  2. Hey everything looks fantastic. Hope I can get out there one day from the east coast.

  3. from across the pond thanks love to take hol's at big sur.have to get the boat out.great photos.

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  5. ww- I love this yurt post. A friend of mine, mary, has a yen to live in a yurt with a yak in the yuckon* so I'll pass it along to her. Again, beautiful pics.

    * montana actually but the yuckon just sounds better

  6. That little hut is the coolest thing I've ever seen! I would have paid any amount to stay there even for one night. Okay maybe not any amount but I would have paid for sure. I'm glad it worked out for you guys. And good for you for letting go and flying by the seat of your pants. I did the same when me and my friends went to Costa Rica. Luckily it worked out for us too!

  7. Amazing accomodation! Never seen one like this before. Looks cozy and gorgeous set up. The surrounding view also looks spectacular, and video/picture perfect. Would love to experience such accomodation in the future. Good luck with your aspiration of owning one yourselves.
    And, am glad your back safe and sound....

  8. That was beautiful. Thank you!

  9. lydia: Glad I could transport you, hehe. Big Sur is so much more beautiful than I could have imagined. You're right, it does have a special mystique. And Nepenthe is still there, I've got some photos to share later!

    anuday: You should definitely make it happen, far different from the east coast I can tell you that :o) Thank you.

    POD & tamer: Thank you!

    jen: A simple search for yurts will bring up various companies that sell them. Pacific Yurt, is one we've gotten info from before. I like the little rhyme :)

    1218: It was definitely worth it! It was very hard for me to do that, but it made room for me being sick, which lead to a much more relaxed time.

    mac: I hope you get to stay in one someday, they are really neat! I'm glad I'm back in one piece too :o)

    sian: :o)

  10. i appreciate it!

    good gracious, i need a vacation. i feel lucky to be living vicariously through you :)

  11. WoooHooo! I got my food! :-D

    *best photo evah*

    I have to be nosey and ask how much was a 1-night stay? I might want to go there with Vegas one day... your trip is so very inspiring, you know :-)

    ps: so if you need to pee in the middle of the night... um... how far is the run to the bathroom?

  12. a little bird: Since you're so close, you should try to get to Big Sur sometime......definitely something to experience firsthand!

    TD: I knew someone would ask, I rather it be that way then to divulge the info on my own accord......our particular yurt, since it had a full ocean view & was relatively large than some, was $185.00 a night. Now, they did have some that were as low as $150.00, they just weren't available. The bathroom house was less than a minutes walk - if that.
    Recounting the trip inspires me to see MORE!!!!! Glad it may do the same for you :o)

  13. Awesome! Your yurt looks great and homey. :)