Pacing Myself

Pace Yourself--Reminder {4}
Pace Yourself.

Don't let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of your doing it. The time will pass anyway; we might just as well put that passing time to the best possible use. ~Earl Nightingale~

I came across a rather thought provoking post today, something that is congruent to the thoughts that have been swimming around in my head lately. Until I decided to reply to this particular post, I hadn't really thought about forming my thoughts into any sort of conclusion about what my "deal" is right now, but I did.

Explaining that I have found myself in a slight respite when it comes to photography. Currently, I am not putting a whole lot of emphasis on that aspect of my life. It is not because I don't think it's important, because it is-very. But, I am coming to recognize that there are equally important things going on in my life that need a lot more attention than my camera. Deciding to let it be what it is (for now) because I don't want to force it. Otherwise, I am putting myself in exactly the opposite position of where I would really like to be.

Jokingly, I admitted that I hadn't a clue as to where I really wanted to be. That's not entirely true. I do know. I'm working on it. However, it is not going to happen overnight and I can accept that.

Lately, my focus has been on:

~Preparing for a garden
~Rebalancing household duties
~Going to bed & waking up earlier
~Actually doing things with other people (flesh friends)
~Lending a creative hand to PACT (Newsletter, flyers, t-shirts)
~Design ideas for a book containing remembrances of our last trip
~Organizing piece by piece (Currently working on my bedroom--clothes)
~A Cooking Class that will teach me various ways to prepare what will come from the garden and our CSA.

This week has been especially busy, but I'm enjoying it (I will also enjoy my 3-day weekend!). I am really making an effort to open myself up for new and interesting experiences. Things I have been foolishly sheltering myself from for far too long now. If I take a few less pictures because I'm too busy thinking about other 'stuff', so be it--my harddrive will thank me!

Ocracoke Lighthouse

The Ocracoke Lighthouse, built in 1823,
is the oldest continually operating lighthouse on the NC Coast.

Ocracoke Lighthouse

The lighthouse is 75 feet tall. Its diameter narrows from 25 feet at the base to 12
feet at the top. The walls are made of brick which is five feet wide at the bottom
tapering to two feet wide at the top.

Ocracoke Lighthouse

The solid white exterior was made from mixing lime, salt, Spanish whiting, rice, glue,
and boiling water together and applying it, while still hot, to the exterior.

Lighthouse in the Distance

The Ocracoke Lighthouse was electrified in the early 1900s.
The present light is equal to 8,000 candlepower and casts a stationary beckoning beam.
Its beam reaches a distance of 14 miles.

Fully automated, the lighthouse no longer needs a resident lightkeeper to tend to its daily needs.
The United States Coast Guard now oversees the operation of the light.
Since the lightstation is still in operation you cannot climb the tower,
although the site can still be visited daily.

Polaroid Prologue to Ocracoke Island

At the very tip of Hatteras Island you have the opportunity to take a ferry ride
to the neighboring island. I've been on one before but this was my first time
driving a vehicle onto a ferry. It was an interesting experience.
The free ride took approximately 45 minutes.
Meanwhile, I walked around....

See the Sea

Once across, we made our way to the next camping destination.
This one was also oceanside and we chose a site with direct access this time.
After settling into our new campsite, we had to go explore.

To the Sea

Ocracoke NPS Campground was much more open than Frisco and because of
that it lacked the same privacy that we relished at our last overnight spot, but
being a stones throw from the beach just can't be beat, so I didn't complain!

End of the Day

It was so tranquil....waves crashing.....salty sea air....blowing breeze

Welcome to Ocracoke Island

See you on Monday when I will share more of Ocracoke Island.
Until then, have a great weekend!

Oceanside Camping on the NC Coast

On our most recent trip to the Outer Banks we decided to camp our way down the coast of NC. In fact, camping is what we almost always do when traveling. I'm cheap like that ;) Moreso, I like waking up and already being outdoors.

Dune & Sand

We stayed at two of the National Park Service campgrounds while on the island, the first being the Frisco NPS Campground. There weren't many other campers there since we went during the off season, but I hear that it is usually a pretty quiet place.

To the Sea

Once you turn off the main highway you drive a few miles before reaching the entrance, it's a secluded spot. Even the sites found throughout offered a lot more privacy than the other places we stayed. There you will find small trees and scrubby brush shielding and concealing.

View from Campsite & Boardwalk to Beach

A splendid surprise was that it was oceanfront! But, we didn't choose a site with direct access because we wanted to see more of the view so we went higher up. The view was really spectacular, it took my breath away.....or maybe that was the 25mph winds?! Can't remember :)

As the sun sets

Doesn't matter. We ended our day barefoot on the beach watching the sun go down behind the dunes.

Reminder {3}

Reminder {3}
You are Unique.

I had an extremely productive weekend and I am as happy as a clam.
What was "unique" about your weekend?

A Night in Rodanthe

Our first stop on the island was the small seaside town of Rodanthe.

Rodanthe Pier

The remote beaches of Hatteras Island looked like this the entire time.


It was like having it all to ourselves.

Camping in Rodanthe

I know, this is just a teaser.
It gets better!

Reminder {2}

Reminder {2}
Take a Break.

I'm not the planner I used to be, and that's a good thing.
A mini-vacation that felt like one was exactly what the doctor ordered.
It's amazing how much your outlook can change over the course of four days.
Come back on Friday to find out more about our visit to the barrier islands off the coast of NC.

Away We Go!

Retreat to the Sea

Retreat to the Sea
the waves are gently calling
I will long no more

The above photo was taken the summer of 07 by Cody!
Now, I finally get to go to the NC Coast, too. Namely, the Outer Banks.
I am more than excited. It has been a very rough week. I need a break.
Have a great weekend!!