Wildflower Medley

As promised....
Wildflowers found along the Gentry Creek Falls Trail.

Narrow-leaved Spring Beauty
Spring Beauty

Wild and Free you Grow
much Beauty and Joy you Bring
Treasure I have Found

Yellow Violets
Yellow Violet

Wildflower Medley
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The links below will take you to the resources that helped me identify what we found. Identifying flowers is like a treasure hunt for me; I like playing detective. The only ones I knew were Wake Robin, Violets & the Trout Lily.

From left to right: Dutchman's Breeches, Fraser's Sedge, Cut-leaved Toothwort,
Wake Robin, Chickweed, Trout Lily, & False Hellebore.

Question of the day:
If you were a wildflower, which one would you be?

An Exploratory Hike to Gentry Creek Falls

Cherokee Nat'l Forest: Mountain City, TN: Gentry Creek Falls: 5 miles

This past Saturday we took part in a guided hike lead by PACT. Unfortunately, we didn’t attract the turnout we were looking for, but the few people who did join in made our walk through the woods very enjoyable. It was a special treat since Cody and I don’t hike with other people very often.

Throughout the trek we all took turns pointing out various plant and animal wildlife, and because I have such a curious mind, this was a big highlight for me. Our hike was more about exploring and less about keeping up a steady pace. Even so, we moved faster than if Cody and I had gone solo. It’s no surprise that I generally stop every few feet to take a photo! Okay, not every few feet......[Cody, stop shaking your head]….okay, every few feet!

As unconcerned as we may have been about reaching our destination, we finally arrived to the proverbial pot of gold. At the “end of our rainbow” lay a double-decker waterfall, both 30 to 40 feet high. It was magnificent! After a couple photos, we trudged to the top tier where we all sat down to have lunch and tune in to the rushing water flowing past us. Very refreshing, indeed!

(The photo below doesn't show the one up top)
Gentry Creek Falls

Well worth the 2.5 miles it took to get to Gentry Creek Falls. Altogether, I would say that it was a very moderate hike with barely any gain in elevation. It did, however, take a little over 4 hours to complete, and the numerous creek crossings did present quite a few obstacles since we had to do it 13 times! After a while, you succumbed to soggy shoes!

These foot bridges probably have you thinking, "What creek crossings?",
believe me, we got our feet wet! I just didn't get any photos of it :)

I do hope to return in the future on an overcast/foggy day to get some better photos of the falls. Not that I am complaining about the gorgeous weather we were graced with, but it’s just not conducive to taking good waterfall photos. Note to self: Remember this the next time you don’t want to go for a hike on a rainy day!

Friday, I was thinking that I would share the results of our wildflower findings. I came home with a handful that needed to be identified and thought you all may be interested to see the little beauties that were springing up!!

Moments : Insight

This week I am hosting the prompt over at OSI
Moments : Insight

There are countless ways
that a being can express
what they feel inside

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!
We chose to enjoy a lovely spring day by taking a hike this past Sat.
Please come back on Wednesday for a walk through the woods!
I told you we'd get back to nature :)

Jewelry with Meaning

My New: Favorite Thing

Once upon a time, when I was a fashion forward city girl, I wore every accessory imagineable. Bracelets, earrings, pins, necklaces, and rings, you name it, I wore it. Things changed though when I moved to the mountains. By adopting a more relaxed, albeit plain attire, I also began pairing down the "bling-bling". Piece by piece, my everday flair dwindled to just one essential. The only thing you find me wearing on a daily basis now is a necklace.

Currently, I have a few different necklaces that I enjoy wearing. However, most of the time I will stick with the one in particular that is resonating with me the most. Although, I don't alternate too often. I have a well known habit of wearing things out when I really like them. For example, I wore one necklace, day in and day out, that my best friend gave to me as a gift. That thoughtful token means so many different things to me, and is one that will definitely remain in my top favorites. Always. But recently, as good fortune would have it, someone bestowed upon me a very special handmade piece that has quickly become my new favorite.

Meet my Birdie
My Birdie

This gift came from a lovely and talented lady by the name of Lisa Leonard, who is the creative mind behind Lisa Leonard Designs, a purveyor of simple yet sophisticated collectibles. Upon receiving my uniquely crafted work of art, I examined and reveled upon the hand-cut and hand-stamped medallion I held. You can instantly tell that Lisa devotes great care to her work. My little birdie even sings me a song! A little secret that you won't know until you own one yourself, is that the pearl accent she adds creates a melodic tink which resounds with every movement--I love the sound it makes. That sort of unexpected detail is what makes her jewelry so special, and as a result, a pleasure to own. I already want another one :)

Throughout Lisa's online shop you are sure to find many different treasures to add to your "I'm going to own that!" list. As a matter of fact, you will probably find a handful! I especially like her custom "mommy necklaces", they are the perfect keepsakes! Right now seems like an opportune time to cash in on Mother's Day--not that it's about the gifts ;). To sweeten the pot, she even passed along a coupon code to WW readers! So, if you are looking for a keepsake that is as wonderfully unique as you are, Lisa Leonard Designs is definitely the place to go.

Use code welcome15 for 15% off!
I am sooo tempted to use it, would that be bad?! haha

She has a brand new website that is super cute!
Click on the button above & it will take you to her online store & lovely blog.

Have a wonderful weekend :)

Light of Mine

Light of Mine

Most of the shadows of this life are caused by our standing in our own sunshine.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson~

Let it shine.

Start Your Engines!

Birds Eye View

There is one thing that I absolutely love to do, and that is being able to take someone somewhere they have never been, to do something they have never done. The excitement I feel to see the look of joy on their face is priceless to me. Many times, it may be something I have never done as well, which makes it that much more memorable. Lucky for us, Sunday was no ordinary day.

We intended to spend an hour taking a tour of the Bristol Motor Speedway because we had some time to kill before my Dad's plane was leaving. Upon making our way to the raceway, we drove halfway around the mile-long track before seeing any sign of action. It wasn't until we found the Bristol Dragway behind the main track that we saw other cars. Not knowing where to go worked out really well in this case because we stumbled onto some good ol' drag races taking place.

Line Up

At no point were we hassled or questioned about being there, people seemed too involved and unconcerned about onlookers who walking around taking photos. We didn't even have to pay an admission! Basically, we walked up, and after the initial bout of jaw-dropping excitement, we made our way to the stands so we could watch the dragsters go head to head.

I squealed with glee every time I heard the tires screech and the motors rev. The smell of rubber permeated the air, and the testosterone, well, let's just say some of that was present, too. The thought of being in a car going that fast completely scares the daylights out of me, but I tell you, it is thrilling to watch.

After watching numerous races, we went looking for the concessions to find something that would quench our thirst. It was hot! And those steel bleachers really reflect the sun in the worst way. Good thing we did wander around because a driver, who saw me taking photos, gave us some valuable information. He told me that to get the best view we needed to climb to the top of the tower. Once we found something to drink, we headed to the top. Although it required a few flights of stairs, it was most definitely worth the extra effort because the overview of Thunder Valley was simply astounding.

Thunder Valley

Our accidental adventure was by far a better way to spend our day.
Besides, it has been quite some time since WW has ventured out! I know that these aren't the normal sights you will find on WW, and I assure you that we will be getting back to nature very soon, but in the meantime, I hope you enjoyed this mini-field trip of Bristol Dragway.

Here is a short clip of Funny Cars going head to head:

And I thought it was April?!


Every possession and every happiness is but lent by chance for an uncertain time,
and may therefore be demanded back the next hour.
~Arthur Schopenhauer~

On one hand:
My car ran perfect to and from our weekend destination.
I was perfectly healthy, not a cold or infection in sight.
We were given some lovely spring weather.

On the other:
Today, it is stalling out on me!
Last week, I was plagued with a sore throat and sinus congestion. (I felt horrible)
The minute you turn your back, you get hammered with SNOW. (In April!)

In so many ways I can relate to this quote right now. For days, I have scanned pages of quotes looking for something that could encompass this somewhat turbulent time period I am experiencing. It wasn't until today that I found one. Now, those are not the only reasons I was on a hiatus. When I would feel the fleeting urge to blog, it was swiftly met by another urge that forced my attention elsewhere. I just didn't have the desire or inclination to make it happen.

Cody and I traveled back to Kingsoport, TN for my cousin Cahty's wedding this past weekend. Preparation for the trip dominated the majority of my spare time but I still had loose ends! Thankfully, everything went pretty smoothly despite the mishaps encountered along the way.

An eventful visit with my Dad was probably the highlight of my weekend though. The wedding was great, but I hardly ever get to hang out with my Dad. If it weren't for the wedding, I would have only seen him once this year while I was home at Thanksgiving. I wasn't the only one glad to see my Dad, Cathy was overjoyed to have her blood relatives with her on the special day.

My Dad was asked to wa
lk her down the aisle since her Dad couldn't be there in the flesh. He carried a mini-laptop that connected a live feed of every step to her parents via a video chat. The power of technology allowed them to experience it with her even though they were 7,000 miles away. Isn't that amazing! Oh yeah, I almost left out that I was a bridesmaid.

Sunday was our free day and we all stumbled upon some pretty fun things to do. Guess what?! We are going on a field trip this Friday! So, please have your permission slips signed and turned in no later than Thursday evening. Hope you can make it!