{I Dream in Color}

I Dream in Color

If you've never been thrilled to the very edges of your soul by a flower in spring bloom, maybe your soul has never been in bloom.
~Audra Foveo~

*I wish it were sunny out today like in the photo.......this weekend has been gloomy and foggy......yesterday it was so thick, we didn't really go anywhere. Although, I did get a deep tissue massage yesterday. I'm a little sore, which she said I most likely would be. I think that I am going to start having it done regularly, maybe once a week. On top of the Acupuncture I think it will really help with the muscle pain and tightness. Speaking of Acupuncture, I had the most nerve wreaking experience on Friday.......the clinic was closed last week so, the only way to get my appointment was to have my treatment done in front of a class. I started sweating almost instantly once I stepped inside of the room, as the center of attention all eyes were on me. I kept my eyes on the Acupuncturist, and tried to forget that everyone was watching. When we moved to the treatment room, the echo of feet clomping as they surrounded me seemed to be amplified as I laid there on the table. It was very hard for me to relax at first, and the whispers piercing my ears weren't as quite as the people thought they were. Once the Acupuncturist was done needling everyone left the room, thankfully......and as usual, I drifted off......if treatments were like that all the time, I don't think I would be comfortable going as much as I do!
We were thinking about hitting up another waterfall from my book today, but I'm not really in the mood for driving anywhere or leaving the house for that matter. And before I forget, I still have the other waterfall photos to share with you from last weekend......today, I needed something sunny to share :o)

If you liked this photo

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Setrock Creek Falls

Setrock Creek Falls

a.k.a. Suicide Mission
Alright, so, that's a little bit dramatic.......
This past Saturday we went on a hike in Mount Mitchell. This is another waterfall found in the NC Waterfall guide that Cody bought me for Christmas. We learned a valuable lesson about the Blue Ridge Parkway on Saturday, always check for road closures!! We were thrown waaaay off course and had to take a major detour in order to reach the base of Mount Mitchell. Normally, I freak out when we get lost, and I start to get upset, but this particular time.......I took it all in stride - and it ended up being a beautiful day. Main sections of Mount Mitchell are closed due to some construction they are doing on the observation deck, but this didn't affect us too much since we were headed for a different area.

Upon reaching the trail head we were surprised at how many vehicles were haphazardly parked along the road; the gates to the campground were closed and made for one tight squeeze. Thankfully, there was a spot open just for us......This was a trail which was less than a mile, so, gearing up really wasn't necessary. Here's where my absentmindedness got the best of me: Halfway through the hike I realized that my battery in my camera was nearly dead, we had to turn around and go back to the car for a fresh one.

Let's try this again, okay we're back on the trail, and finally reach the little off shoot that leads to "Setrock Creek Falls". The canopy wasn't as closed as I thought it was going to be, which made for some overexposed photos, but I'm over it. Especially since my tripod broke a couple weeks ago, which also restricted me in some aggravating ways. Almost ALL of my photos are unsatisfactory, mostly because they were blurry, since holding a camera still with an open shutter is nearly impossible. It's not a lesson learned, because I knew from the get go that my gorillapod wasn't going to cut it. I really need to buy a new tripod, and I will, definitely before the Big Sur trip!

It was a gorgeous day, and we had a great day despite the complications we encountered along the way. Another waterfall was nearby that we also ventured to while out on Saturday, I will also share a few of those photos later.

  • A larger photo of the falls: HERE

~Next Two~



These are the next set of cards that I made not too long ago. I was trying to let go a little more when I was making these, instead of everything being perfectly aligned. I have a little problem with trying to make things too clean looking and I was trying to step outside of that box. I don't think I really accomplished that per say, but I went against what I originally had planned, so, it was a step. It might have been a baby step, but it was still a step!

Dream Come True

Trip Planning

The wheels are in motion! I have received the two guide books we ordered to aid in the planning of our trip. And on Friday I booked out plane tickets to San Jose, CA. We are going to rent a car, and travel down the coast of California on Highway 1. I am so very excited, as the title of the post suggests, this really is "A Dream Come True"! I've wanted to go for at least 5 years now. It's funny that we are going out west again for vacation, but it's no surprise since that part of the US is alien to me. I have been diligently reading the Explore! guidebook. My hope is to have a well laid out itinerary so we can make the most of our 7 days in CA. Cody leaves this up to me, he's just along for the ride, even though this trip is to celebrate HIS birthday! I'm okay with it since I like to plan as much as I like to go......he's appreciative :o) The big thing is to figure out where we will be along the coast and on what day, some nights we plan to camp, and some we plan to stay in a hotel or cabin, maybe even a yurt!!

See For Yourself (link to photos)

I talked about signs pointing to this trip in a previous post.........

1.) We just bought a book last weekend called "501 Must See Destinations", Big Sur, CA is listed as one! It's a dream book of sorts, I didn't expect that place to be in there, I almost turned right to it when looking at it later on at home.

2.) On Thursday, I received my first magazine from "Sunset", and on the cover was a photo of McWay Falls, which will be a site we see while traveling highway 1.......I was floored......I immediately knew what the photo was of, and nearly started screaming Cody's way to alert him of the news. haha, I'm a dork like that. I just thought it was so cool.......like it was a sign....wooooo...

Wonder Collides

Wonder Collides

I don't like standard beauty - there is no beauty without strangeness.

~Karl Lagerfeld

  • The image of this tree is hauntingly alluring.
  • I love that it evokes nostalgia in buckets.
  • My new favorite photo taken so far this year.

  • Today I received the rest of our materials for the upcoming trip.
  • Funny thing, I've received so many little signs pointing to the vacation I am eagerly anticipating.
  • I get more excited by the day. 34 Remaining........
  • Tomorrow I will post the information about the trip.
  • Don't want to jinx it before I reserve the plane tickets! (I'm weird like that)

~My First Two~

"Winter in February"
Winter in February
(Very 1st one)

"Life is Beautiful"
Life is Beautiful
(Second card made)

I have been pretty preoccupied lately with other concerns on my agenda, so I haven't set aside time to make new ones. These are scans of some of the little cards I've made recently, although these were done a week or two ago. I have yet to procure some acrylic paints to layer them with, but soon. So far, I have acquired some paint brushes, which is a good start. I have two others that I made just last week that I scanned in as well, I will share those with you sometime this week too.

Normally, I just let magazines stack up and collect dust since I hate to just throw them away. But with this I can give the pages new life, and it keeps me occupied in the meantime. I have enjoyed taking ideas for themes and turning them into something tangible. I feel like it's been beneficial for me to do this in order to continue generating creativity, well, it makes sense to me. I guess I feel like a kid playing around with glue and scissors, but it's nice to have some lighthearted fun now and again, isn't it?!

Don't tell him I told you, but it's even gotten Cody into coloring, hehe..........not with crayons or anything, but these neat designs salvaged from the boxes our tea comes in. Yogi tea redesigned their boxes a while back, which are really cool by the way, and inside are these really intricate henna style designs......I didn't want to throw the tea boxes away, so I've just hung on to them until I found something to use them for. I colored one for a different artcard last week, and once Cody saw, he wanted to color one too........haha I'm just itching to make another one, maybe tonight!!


Tread Lightly

Reality is too much to take in heapfuls, but sprinkle it sparingly upon life's path and most can tread it lightly.
~Astrid Alauda

I have felt somewhat negligent in terms of the blog world. My negligence doesn't always mean that I don't post, but I have felt almost like I haven't really been here. And I don't have anything interesting or profound to share with you today, because I'm still not really here. I just hate to think that my pictures go to waste, sitting in their little folders on my hard drive. I have so much to share, yet I don't.........doesn't make any sense to me either, but humor me. I guess the best way to describe what I've been going through would be to say that, I've been in lala land........sort of doing my own thing - creating.

Creating what? Well, stuff............I started making these little artcards from misc. things I cut out of magazines and have laying around for my scrap booking. I've made one almost every night this week. I'm not sure I'm ready to share them since they look pretty rough, and my eye is way to critical.........but it's fun and it takes my mind off of other things. I really want to buy some paints to incorporate in the mixture, but I don't have any idea as to what kind. I have no experience whatsoever with paint, complete novice. I'm thinking maybe acrylics, which is what Cody also suggested. Maybe a trip to Cheap Joe's is in order this weekend?!

Cody has been working on a dining room table for the house, made from scraps he's picked up here and there. For starters, I'm super excited that he is motivated and working in his shop like he's been planning to do. And secondly, I'm happy that I will finally have a place to spread out all my junk, instead of all over the floor, couch, and coffee table, when I'm working on something. Oh and lastly, I'll just be happy to have dinner at a table for once........It's been a while since we've eaten dinner at a table. Having meals while sitting on the couch sort of degrades the work you put in to preparing a meal, you know?!

My plan this weekend is to, well, make plans.........a vacation for Cody's birthday this year. I think we've selected the perfect place for some amazing adventures, somewhere I've wanted to go ever since I saw this fashion spread in a magazine, I didn't care about the clothes, I just feel in love with the scenery! I won't tell you where yet, but once we've set it in motion, and I receive my guidebooks, I will fill you in. If you don't already know, and can guess.......then you're real good.......I'll give you a hint, it's somewhere out west again. If you remember, we went to Las Vegas for my birthday last year. Oh boy, I can't wait!!!

[Altered] Aesthetics

Altered Aesthetics


SOC Tree
SOC Tree

The original photo, to me, seemed so very plain. Looking at the image on screen left me with the feeling that something was missing. Initially, I didn't pay this shot any mind, but after sorting though, I thought "What they hay", let's see what I come up with. I can't even tell you exactly what I did to the post-processed version step by step, but either way, I liked the way this originally boring and mundane shot turned out. It's got a sort of spooky antique feel to it, don't you think? Even though it may look like it, I didn't use an Infrared filter, in case you were wondering. In it's own right, the SOC (straight-out-camera) shot is okay from a technical standpoint, the colors are nice, it follows the rule of 3rds, and the lines are appealing, but overall, nothing is spectacular about it. Not that I think the finished product is the most amazing piece of work ever, but I like that my impression of it was so easily changed by some minor alterations.

As Cody inadvertently pointed out to me today, I am slowly becoming a little more open minded, and something that I wouldn't have given much thought to, let's say a year ago, is something I have begun to think about. And I'm not really talking about any "thing" in particular, I'm just pointing out a realization that was made. I like to be reminded that I am continuously growing, and my circumstances are not going to remain the same, not that I don't like where I am. What I mean is that, by this time next year, I will have lived and learned, essentially molding me into a new me, a different Jessica..........there was a time when I was afraid of change, and I was scared of the what ifs that consumed my mind........Now, I warmly welcome the prospect of what may come, and I no longer have that fear of not being in complete control of what may have made me uncomfortable once upon a time.
This is a very freeing conclusion for me..........

How do you feel about change? Oh yeah, and which photo do you prefer?

Greeting from KRAKOW!


  • I received this in the mail yesterday.
  • Have you ever heard of this place before? Me: No..........
  • Did you know, that this used to be the capital of POLAND? Me: I do now...........
  • This building is called "Cloth Hall" or Sukiennice .
  • From what I have read this building dates back to the 1300's! Me: Whoa, that's a long time.

Here are some photos courtesy of Karkow's very own website.

foto Artur ┼╗yrkowski, Municipality of Krakow, City Promotion and Marketing Office

"I Love Postcards in the Mail!"

* * * * * * * *Down on my Knees* * * * * * * *

This is a portion of what the registration page looks like to vote for my TWO photos as candidates for the "People's Choice Award". Click on the screen shot to be taken to the registration page. It takes less than 1 min - seriously I timed it!! They ask your name, & email address.......do not check the boxes if you do not wish to receive further information from them, which I suspect you don't.

Once there, finding my photos is not that hard, look for one in the BRP Vistas section - the photo is entitled "GLEE GLOOM" as you may remember, and the second one is in the Environment section - entitled "F A N T A S I A". However, there is an extra spot for voting, although I'm selfish and I am not going to vote against myself, but feel free to do so.........I'll just be glad that you voted!!

Voting has been up since Friday, but I found out yesterday when I went to register that FANTASIA was missing from the pool of photos. After several support tickets the people finally got it fixed..........

Anyways, I would really truly deeply appreciate your support in this matter, if you have any questions please feel free to email me or leave a comment here.

Here is a link to the photos: BIG NEWS

Haha, I know I sound desperate, but isn't this what social networking is all about?!?!?!

Slow Motion

Falling Behind
These photos are from our hike last weekend. We found it in my North Carolina Waterfalls: A Hiking and Photography Guide. According to the person who wrote the guide, this waterfall may not be worth the 2.9 mile hike you have to endure in order to get there. We thought it was pretty mild for the most part, only a slight incline on the way out. Reaching the base of the falls was the most difficult part. The bank, next to the overgrown trail that ran beside the creek was nearly vertical, thankfully, it was a short distance to the base of the falls. Getting in and out of this place required some bushwhacking, but it was completely necessary to get some photos. All things considered, I think it was worth the 6 mile hike!!


I thought I was going to cry
But, I didn't. The gallery opening was this past Friday at the Turchin Center. Right when I walked through the exhibit doors, I spotted my photo on a far off wall. I tried to fight the urge to go straight to my photo, but the excitement overcame me. My Sister joked that I would stand next to my photograph, so that I could tell people that those were mine........I didn't tell people that I was the photographer, but I did linger at times to see the expression on peoples faces when they passed by. I quickly realized that most people aren't as animated as I am, so, watching didn't help gauge what they actually thought about them anyhow. I can't say that I was as enthusiastic as I pictured myself to be prior to the show, and that was somewhat disappointing. Maybe that can be attributed to how many people were there; we're thinking that when I go back, privacy may allow for a more intimate experience?!?! Who knows......maybe then I'll squeeze out a tear or two.....

  • Different View of Thunderhole Falls: HERE

....::::Lack Thereof::::....

French Girl

  • This photo was not taken with a digital camera.
  • It was taken with my 35mm camera my Dad gave me some years ago.
  • I scanned it in from a print that I found recently.
  • While at a hostel in 2002, I sat next to this French-Canadian girl whom I did not understand due to the language barrier, but thought she was adorable nonetheless.
  • I love the dirt on her nose, and the expression on her face.
  • I want to break out my 35mm again and show it the attention it deserves, I mean look at the bokeh, the grain.

While talking on the phone to my Sister today, we got on the subject of portraiture. And she proceeded to tell me that people always want to know who took photos of Ju-Ju (my nephew) that she has hanging around the house. This lead to the discussion of how I never really take pictures of people anymore, and it's true, I don't. You may see a candid shot of Cody here and there , but for the most part, nature is my favorite subject.


Maybe it's because she (mother nature) isn't shy, and I don't have to ask if she minds that I capture her essence. Another reason is mainly because I don't have willing subjects knocking down my door wanting photos of themselves. But willings subjects aside, I love to take pictures of people, I just don't do it all that often. When I go back home for a visit is when I try to get photos of family and friends. This past Thanksgiving, as soon as I got to my Uncle's house I started taking photos of everyone. After awhile they got used to it and didn't really seem to mind a camera pointed in their direction. When I lived in Jacksonville, taking pictures of people took up the majority of film that I went through. It's funny how things change, isn't it?

I sometimes miss having people to take photos of.........my family especially.

*This is a digital photo, taken on Thanksgiving 07*

  • See another post with Ju-Ju photos: Here



All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves; we must die to one life before we can enter another.
~Anatole France

*Thankfully, these quotes sort of sum up what's going on with me lately. I'll bring you up to speed when I have more time.

Ebb & Flow

Ebb & Flow

As your faith is strengthened you will find that there is no longer the need to have a sense of control, that things will flow as they will, and that you will flow with them, to your great delight and benefit.

Two Down..........

It's so nice to be able to look back on what I have accomplished this far. And I only become more hopeful as the year progresses. I am still enjoying the photography challenge to take a photo every single day, and I encourage anyone else who may be interested in taking the challenge to go for it! If anything it will help you to see things in a whole new light, as well as boost creativity. Although I have my days where that is severely lacking, but thankfully there is plenty of time to make up for it down the line.

  • On the sidebar you will find a link to the {366} Photographic Journal Blog

February Mosaic

1. With a Thickness, 2. R E F L E C T I O N, 3. Vitamin C, 4. Botany of Desire, 5. Epitome of Laziness, 6. Repurpose = Tray, 7. Country Roads, 8. Party Hatted Puppy, 9. My Valentine, 10. My Nightstand, 11. Veiw from Cheap Joe's, 12. Inside Cheap Joe's, 13. Fuji Spider Mum, 14. Happy Valentines Day #45, 15. Home:Free, 16. Stuffed French Toast, 17. What before bed looks like, 18. Orange Lily, 19. Horse Donkey Duo, 20. Egg Drop Soup, 21. Blooming Tea, 22. Jones House #53, 23. Mini Cascade - BFT, 24. Moses a.k.a. Moser Bulldozer, 25. Moo Cards #56, 26. What Before Lights Out Looks Like #57, 27. What Breakfast in Bed Looks Like #58, 28. Curves and Lines - Color, 29. RC Treats

  • Clicking on any of the links above will take you directly to the photo in my flickrstream
  • The post for January can be seen here

Here they are........

*I tried on several different occasions to get photographs of these pictures, but my efforts were futile. These are the only ones that I can bear to upload, but I wanted you to see what they looked like framed. Initially my intentions were not to wait until the very last minute to turn them in, but as usual I procrastinated despite that desire. I had them done Thursday night with the goal of turning them in on Friday, but I couldn't bear to let them go yet. The Fantasia picture in general was what I could make up my mind on. I won't even tell you how much ink I wasted printing out copy after copy. I never found anyone around town that could do posters for me, and since I assumed that I could get them done in town, I didn't bother sending off to have them done, which would have been loads easier. Lessons learned.

It was funny how Friday I didn't want to let them go, but by Saturday afternoon, I was ready to get them as far out of my sight as possible. Never in my life have I been so bent up about a speck of dust until that day. Every time I closed the frame and inspected it I would find another fiber in a spot that I just couldn't overlook. The longer I kept them, the more I scrutinized every single smudge and particle attracted to their surfaces. Boy am I glad that part is over!

I'm really looking forward to the opening on Friday. Voting for the "People's Choice Award" will start on that day as well. I will get those details up here when I find out more information. I'm sure I can count on a couple votes from you all :-) I hope you had a great weekend. I'll share more about what I did in the coming days........

Bees & Confessions

Lines and Curves

It is not how busy you are, but why you are busy - the bee is praised, the mosquito is swatted.


I've had a lot of things going on lately. And I'm not hoping for them to settle down, because I'm busy for all the right reasons, which is why the above quote is so fitting. I've got some catching up to do on {366} Photographic Journal, especially since I'm starting month three now. Take a look if you haven't been there in a while, because I have posted some new photos recently (link on sidebar).

Today I turned in the printed and matted versions of the photos selected to be in the gallery, and I took some photos, of the photos, to share. I'll get those up tomorrow.

The above photo is from a walk I took last Thursday at the park near my house after work. It's not really a park, there's a field and a track, but I guess that constitutes a park according to the Town of Boone. For my purposes it suits me just fine.

On Friday after Acupuncture, I decided to take a quick once around on the track over there at the old Cove Creek School before getting in my car to go home. I didn't have a warm enough jacket to do anymore than that, next time I'll be better prepared. Anyways, after the walk I was heading back over to the car and in doing so passed by the park area. The one at Cove Creek is a real park because they have the play area for kids, you know, the plastic/metal jungle gym type things. I was feeling pretty good after the treatment and walk, so I bounced over to the jungle gym, and thought, "Gee, it's been a looooong time since I've been down a slide"............I climbed to the top in 1.5 steps, it's a lot easier when you're not 2 foot! Anyways, I picked the one I thought to be the tallest curly-q slide of the three.........the tunnels were smaller than I remember?!?!?!......I couldn't really take a step, so I had to kind of drag myself through.......thankfully no one was around to see any of this......at least not that I was aware of anyway.......I finally made it through the tunnel and onto the platform, then feet first sped like a rocket down the chosen slide.......WHOOSH........I really picked up some speed within those few feet of plastic!!........high on the 'ode to be a kid again' feeling, I quickly rushed back up to test out the other slide.........WHOOSH, again.......I couldn't believe how much fun it was, and how giggly it made me. I also couldn't believe that for all these years I've been depriving myself of the sweet and innocent joy of taking a ride down a slide........

I have a confession to make:
Today after hanging out downtown, having lunch, and going to the library..........I did a drive-by........i was jonesing.......jonesing for that deliriously intoxicated feeling I got from gliding down a tube of plastic.......I didn't get my fix though.....their slides were about as long as my legs (which aren't very long) and I didn't think they would humor me as much......

*I highly recommend that the next time your out and about with the kiddies or by yourself, just try it, it's surprisingly exhilarating!