Wonder Collides

Wonder Collides

I don't like standard beauty - there is no beauty without strangeness.

~Karl Lagerfeld

  • The image of this tree is hauntingly alluring.
  • I love that it evokes nostalgia in buckets.
  • My new favorite photo taken so far this year.

  • Today I received the rest of our materials for the upcoming trip.
  • Funny thing, I've received so many little signs pointing to the vacation I am eagerly anticipating.
  • I get more excited by the day. 34 Remaining........
  • Tomorrow I will post the information about the trip.
  • Don't want to jinx it before I reserve the plane tickets! (I'm weird like that)


  1. That is amazingly beautiful. Well done Jessica :)

  2. Jessica i agree best this year,it's not nostalgia i can't find the right word's timeless.i don't know???? it's brill.

  3. Very well captured, rendered and framed. A tree that looks alive in death - I love it! :-)

  4. Awesome shot! I love your TTV shots!

  5. sian: Thank you

    POD: That's what is so wonderful about art.....it has different meanings for different people......for me, it's nostalgia :)

    nina: it really is....

    TD: thanks, I'm sure it's soon to 'spring' back to life anytime now......I'll head back over to see what else I come up with...

    mark: thank you so very much, I'm glad.....they are so unique, which is why I like the TtV.....

  6. Umm, You did this? This is absolutely stunning! It is poetic and breath taking. For some reason I mistakingly thought I had added you to my reader and I just now realized I hadn't...I missed this because I am lame, but I am glad I eventually caught it.

  7. joeprah: I did this with a technique called TtV, I have an explanation on my blog if you do a quick search....I really like this photo, it's one of my favorites!

    I'm sure you've got too much to handle with your reader already...hehe.....W00T for Google....I love the reader, saves so much time :o)

  8. Wonderful TTV. Very dreamy.

  9. This is one of my favorite photos every, too! Wow.

    I love trees.