The New & Improved Mellow Mushroom Restaurant in Boone, NC

The NEW Mellow Mushroom in Boone, NC

It was a sad day when the beloved Mellow Mushroom here in Boone closed its doors. Since then, many people have been eagerly awaiting the reopening of this newly renovated restaurant. Not too far from their previous location, the new and improved Mellow Mushroom will reside right on King St. across from the courthouse. The days of anticipating the opening are almost over!

While they don't officially open until August 1st, Mellow Mushroom hosted a “soft opening” for family and friends last night. I was neither, however, Cody (my bf) did happen to work with a crew who did a lot of the woodwork seen throughout. The bar they completed is absolutely beautiful along with everything else they did. That's why we were invited.

It was a great deal bigger than I imagined it would be based on the outside of the building. The new dining room is definitely larger than the old Mellow Mushroom restaurant. And the d├ęcor is stunning! So many different people came together in order to make this place possible. It was wonderful being able to see the result of what I've heard some much about from Cody along the way. Really, the restaurant looks fabulous, and I love the finished product.

A perk of being invited to the “soft opening” was an opportunity to sample the food for free. We are very familiar with Mellow Mushroom food, so we already knew what to expect. However, there were a few new things that we tried. Our table ordered Spinach and Artichoke Dip, Cheesy Garlic Bread, the Stuffed Portabello Mushroom, & Doughnads for our appetizers. Everything tasted amazing! We also ordered a few pizzas, The Mega Veggie, The Magic Myster Tour, and the Mighty Meaty. I can only vouch for the Mighty Meaty, which I thought was really good, but the rest of the table had no complaints about the pies. We finished nearly everything. It was a great meal, and the service we received was stellar, too. Our server Zoe was awesome.

We'll definitely be going back, so that I can take proper pictures of the food and such. It's going to be a new favorite restaurant of ours here in Boone. I have no doubt that it will be extremely popular with other locals and tourists, too. The new and improved Mellow Mushroom will quickly become the fixture that Boone so dearly missed during this time of transition.

It's coming back bigger and better than ever! A big thank you goes out to the Mellow Mushroom team for a wonderful evening, and I offer my gratitude to all those who worked so hard to make it happen. You guys ROCK!

Are you excited about going to the new Mellow Mushroom in Boone? 
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  1. That place looks amazing!!!!!!! not only is mellow mushrooms food incredible but the ambiance of that place looks very warming! I will have to stop in next time I visit boone!

  2. The Boone location was the first Mellow Mushroom I visited. Ironically it was in the location of the old Sollecito's where my now husband worked when I met him. We do have a MM here in Greensboro now but I look forward to making my way back up the mountain.

  3. I could not be more excited about them opening tomorrow! We have made plans to go for dinner and might possibly order 2 pies just for the 2 of us to make up for lost time :) Love the really does look bigger on the inside than I thought it would!

  4. @The Hot Mess: Doesn't it?! They did an incredible job. I'm hoping to go back in the day time when I can get more photos!

    @Joan: It's loads better than the old place. You'll love it!

    @AppGal: Yay! I'm sure that it'll be packed, but so worth it. We're actually going to go again this evening, too! Just can't stay away :D

  5. Yum. I mean Mighty Meaty? You had me at hello.
    Love the woodwork, the stonework, and that moon on the wall. Any restaurant with fresh and delicious food makes it onto my list. I no longer eat just anything since switching over to eating clean and a place like this would have me as a regular if it were in my town.
    A free meal is always nice too, lucky you!!

  6. And when you go back, you'll take a picture of the bar Cody helped build? Yes? ;) (I wanna see. And I still want your diningroom table. :D)