Haute Mess Threads Gets Up Close & Personal

There was a big smile on her face as she scarfed down chicken wings when she suddenly proclaimed, “I feel like a Phoenix that has risen from the dead!” She then confided that 2013 has been a challenging year, although she wouldn't change a thing because it was all necessary in order for her to become the woman she is today.


When we told our family that a photo shoot was happening that didn't relate to her business, Haute Mess Threads, they couldn't understand the purpose. I attempted to explain that this was about her tirelessly working day-in and day-out for the past 6-months to live a healthier lifestyle and lose weight but it still didn't seem to sink in as to why we wanted to do it. For some reason, they thought that it was frivolous.

Initially, we were planning on a special fitness photosession (at her gym) to commemorate the 40+ pound weight-loss, but it quickly became bigger than that when we started to collaborate. When my sister and I put our heads together, great things happen! Although I don't think that either one of us realized how empowering this experience would be when the idea to do a glamour (boudoir) photo shoot accidentally came about. When something gets my sister teary eyed and emotional, it's definitely a big deal! 

If you can believe it, this time last year she wouldn't let you point a camera in her direction. We went to Sea World on a family vacation last summer, and she threatened my Dad and I anytime we attempted to take her picture.

Since then, she has changed her life for the better and now feels like a million bucks! I'm so proud of what she's accomplished and I am grateful that I get to use my gifts to help my sister see herself how I see her. I hope she never forgets how beautiful she is! I love you, sis! 

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