Today I Voted

"Rise and Shine"
Help me name this ArtCard

I have come up with too many names for this ArtCard, so I thought, who better to help me pick one than you all. Voting is anonymous, so any lurkers can stay that way and still vote! I made this card last week during the four day period of gloomy, and dark weather we were experiencing. I try not let that sort of weather affect my mood, but it's inevitable when it goes on day after day. I was planning to post a photo today, but instead decided that I/we needed more sun since the weather isn't all that favorable outside right now. According to the forecast we are looking at the same type of weather we had last weekend. Although this time I plan to not let it put a damper on my weekend. I have been pretty motivated these past few days, and I truly hope that I stays this way so I continue getting things done.

For anyone who leaves a comment on the blog after voting with the title of their choosing, I will send them a Moo Card! Now, what's a Moo Card you ask.........well, it's better if I show you instead of trying to tell HERE to see what a Moo Card is. Now that you know, maybe you want one, and maybe you don't. But if you're anything like me, you love to get stuff in the mail!! So, once you've voted and left a comment with the title you chose, just shoot me an email with your address and I'll get one out to you. Who knows maybe I'll add a little extra?!?!


  1. I picked Here comes the sun because I always liked that song. I like the design no matter what you call it.

  2. I voted! I voted "other"...

    "Soulstice" comes to mind, i love a nice play on words.

    well done! I feel all warm and fuzzy now :-)

  3. i thought rise and shine was a sweet name. the cards are looking good!

  4. Thanks for checking out my blog. I love meeting new people through it. I'll also be posting more pictures of houses I love or are just unusual.

    P.S. I love your photography and blog. I voted!!!

  5. JM turn pro.not kidding, your art work can stand on it's own. love to you both.T.N.T.

  6. I like Hello Sunshine. I like how you have that in the corner. This card is so pretty. I thought I liked Relax the best but now I like this one the best.

  7. Fun. I picked Soak Up the Sun but actually I think I did so b/c that's what I want to do. It probably isn't the best name.

  8. You're incredibly artistic and creative; and inspiring! Keep up
    the good work.
    My vote has been accounted for.

  9. a little bird: That was my next favorite :)

    greg c: Now that's a good name too, thank you.

    TD: OOOhhhh, and I love your take on it....I'm big on word play too....thanks :o)

    d: Thank you!

    nonnie: I'll be sure to check back in with you :) And thank you!

    POD: Awe shucks....I really appreciate the vote of confidence :o)

    1218: Hello Sunshine was one of the obvious names, but definitely very fitting. I wonder when I post the next one if you'll say the same thing....hehehe...just joking

    joan: Hey go with your gut is what I always say :) I wanna do that too!

    mac: Thank you so much....I'm glad that you think so....I love you!

  10. Really top-notch work, Jess.
    Impressive to say the least...
    Rise And Shine works... but it also conjures up, "resurrection, growth, energy, creation..." things that you're feeling while you make them.

    Thanks for the smiles...

  11. biker: thank you :)

    donna: Did you see Technodoll's suggestion with a spin "soulstice"? I really liked that.

  12. I voted!!! I love your ArtCards. Very cool. I voted... "I'm melting" it reminds me of being a kid ans sitting out on the hot pavement on a summer day and feeling the golden sun beat down on you.

  13. teresa: That was my little joke title, hehe. Glad you picked it though :o)

  14. That's my favourite art card so far. Lovely.