Think less....

Think less....

Our time consumes like smoke, and posts away;
Nor can we treasure up a month or day:
The sand within the transitory glass
Doth haste, and so our silent minutes pass.
~Rowland Watkyns~

*I'm still practicing with photoshop a little.
Worrying too much.
Working on the next big thing?!
Looking forward to.
Getting further behind on, but
taking steps.....


  1. This is really rich in an uncomplicated way. Does that make any sense? I loved it. Will shut off the laptop and sleep with this image as my nightcap.

  2. It's time to stop worrying and just live. Sounds easy anyway. :)

  3. Thanks for the suggestions! Seems like everyone is going through a blog renovation!

  4. You are getting pretty good at this photoshop stuff. Good for you! I love that first love note. Gorgeous. I would keep doing what you're doing and don't stress about it. Life keeps happening no matter what, so might as well enjoy it!

  5. ooo that one is nice and romantic... as lydia said, rich in an uncomplicated way.

    where do you get your inspiration? :-)

  6. What a wonderful way to start your blogging week

  7. You are a genius with this thing.
    I will be asking for help, as I am challenged. I love what you are coming up with these days.

  8. lydia: Makes sense to me! I still don't know whether I really like it or not, it has yet to grow on me. But I am having fun trying out new things with photoshop!

    greg: We can't be stress free all the time.....I wish we could though! I'm feeling a little lighter now.

    diana: I should have told you I liked please sir too.....

    1218: Don't worry, I'm chugging along!

    TD: It's dark.....and not my usual photo....I'm branching out - a little.

    Where do I get my inspiration? That is a very good question......I wish that I had a statement that defined the process or my feelings about photography.....I ask myself these sorts of questions all the time.....why do I do it....what drives the ambition that I have to create......Maybe it's high time I come up with an answer eh?!?!

    That must be my way of avoiding your question...haha *smiles*

    RR: I'm still reeling with non-stop thoughts.....

    gillian: If I can help, I would be more than happy to answer any and all questions you may have :) You're not challenged......the program itself is CHALLENGING!! and thank you for the compliment, it brightens my day!

  9. I am loving your work with photoshop. Just another dimension to your wonderful photography.