Motivation Is my Middle Name

Window to the Wildflowers

It is a most mortifying reflection for a man to consider what he has done,
compared to what he might have done.
~Samuel Johnson~

I've been having a terrific week!
I can't quite remember the last time I uttered such a statement, but it's true.
What am I doing that is making such a difference, you ask?
Changes.....I'm making some changes.
So far, I'm not having any trouble keeping in line with my vision.

For instance, I've been going for a walk everyday; at least 30 minutes.
I know you get to see a lot of pictures from our hiking excursions,
but in everyday life, I'm not as active.
However, I'm working hard to change that.
We've also resolved to make dinner earlier in the evening, instead of eating at 9.
And having our meals at the beautiful dining room table that Cody made months ago.
So, we've got eating better and exercise........

On Tuesday, we attended volunteer night at Appalachian Voices,
and heard presentations about mountaintop removal*,
and what we could do to get involved.
I am extremely serious about contributing more to this cause,
and will make every effort to 'do my part'.

Portal of Refuge
I remembered that I took this photo, and decided to add it to the post.
It was taken mid-March this year. The first photo was taken more recently.

Other than that, I've been really motivated to get mundane tasks out of the way, too.
Like, renewing my license plate tag.
Getting craft supplies for a new project.
Washing clothes. Actually putting said clothes away!

And more important things like.....
Figuring out where to stay for an upcoming trip for my birthday.
It's on the 29th! Right around the corner.

Even items that have been on my list for some time....
I finally have a custom domain! Got rid of the blogspot.
So now it's just
I've been hanging on to that address for a while,
but before now have been too scared to change it.

It's only Wednesday, and I've gotten so much stuff done!
I'm in another one of those modes.
I'll keep my fingers crossed in hopes it will last until I vacate next Wednesday!

Do you have any "Motivational Moments" to share?

How's your week going so far?

*Read more about mountaintop removal, here.


  1. Your photos are wonderful! Love the Asiatic dayflower and the fungii and the latest is my favourite.

  2. I haven't seen any improvement yet although my muscles are a bit tired. I will give it a week then I better see some change.

  3. Still waiting for motivation here. LOL It's great when it strikes, thigh, isn't it?

    Your pictures for this post are fabulous!!!

  4. ooops, that's supposed to be "though"...

  5. Love, love the window shots!

    Isn't it great when motivation strikes? It changes your whole outlook on life.

  6. Wonderful! Can't wait to check out your new web site. I've been volunteering a lot, lately, and it feels good. I'm also determined to knit those mitts--thanks for you motivation.

  7. You're so positive. I don't even know how to do that. :D

    I hope your week gets fantasticker and fantasticker. :D

  8. The shots are gorgeous and a great post. I find the change of seasons can help me get motivated. There's something in the air so to speak.

  9. It's hitting me too, finally! This weather tends to do it for me. I, too, have much clutter that weighs heavy on my mind and it's time to get rid of it. I'm also happy about a room that I just redecorated.
    ABsolutely love the window shots. I was in love with all that golden rod ( i assume that's what it is) when I was up that way a few weeks ago. It's so sunny.
    btw, that's a beautiful table your Cody built.
    You are a true inspiration to me these days.

  10. I started the fitness challenge. I have given up coffee and am eating clean. I feel really motivated to do well at this.


  11. Change is good! I wish I could make myself do something different every day. (That table is gorgeous by the way. You two are quite a talented couple!) The window shots are lovely. The one taken in March looks so much like fall.

  12. Love the motivational words. It's been a very busy week over here - but looking forward to the weekend of vintage finds!

  13. I think I need a kick in the head. Been surviving on coffee, chocolate, wine and meats. Had fries with sauce and cheese for lunch.

    And I feel like crap!!

    So, gonna follow your footsteps and make those small changes, it does both the body and mind good.

    yeah! thanks for the inspiraaaation!

  14. my dear, you really belong in my family... my mother's birthday is today, my sister's bday is on the 27th. My entire life is full of libras! the most artistic & civilized sign : ) happy pre-birthday!

  15. That is so great!! See it just takes a change in attitude and the motivation. The power we humans have to make ourselves better is amazing. Mind over matter. I am so happy you are doing better. Those are all great ideas for change. I especially like the two of you eating at the dinner table, early. Good plan.

  16. what a newsy post ...first of all the walking helps SO MANY things...keep it up-I know, i sound like a mom!

    your window photo is such a bright spot on my screen ~ how old will you be next week?

    motivational moments ~ helping my 16 year old manage her studies so she is not so overwhelmed (and cranky)
    enjoying the dog as such a true friend he is!

  17. These are FABULOUS shots, as usual. These would have been great on the Light/Dark day earlier this week, as well. I love them.

    And AMEN to "knocking ducks off the fence", as my husband tells me when I am on a roll, accomplishing things that have piled up inside my head.

    Congrats on the walking, volunteering, eating healthy, etc...

    The changing of seasons always set my feet and mind in motion. It is a good thing to be moved but how refreshing for the source of motivation to spring up from within.


  18. Your week sounds great! Note to self: get back to exercising!

    Happy LT!

  19. These photos are wonderful! And "GO YOU"! You're one busy gal, and it sounds like you're making some wonderful improvements to your own personal environment, along with the outside environment.

  20. Your pictures are amazingly, beautiful. So glad you are having a good week. ; )

  21. Great photos!

    I'm always more motivated when I'm checking off the list... but then I think, hey I should take a break (more than a Sabboth) and then everything kind of piles up and stresses me out & the inactivity makes me tired. Glad to hear you are having a "kick-butt" week! Happy Birthday on Monday, mine is on Saturday.

  22. Beautiful shots, I'm picturing them framed side by side! Unfortunately, chocolate is my middle name, but it does help me keep moving. Thanks for the idea of walks, great way to get out there and enjoy fall. And to stay motivated photographically.

  23. yay! sounds like quite a busy day!

    I love those shots.

    that's the one thing about having a dog - it's impossible to get through a day without walking, and believe me, there are always a few days when I do try. :-)

  24. it sounds like a VERY good week! i love the door scenes from different seasons, what a great way to mark your way through the year. and that! you are both so talented!

    as you know i am doin' my daily walk. taking my camera along is a good way for me to be motivated. and i am having a good week and a not so good week. i need more balance. you sound happy!

  25. WOW! 25 responses on the first day of the post! I have to say that I am right in line with you. This last month has been all about change at our home in so many areas of out life. My husband and I started to do bady for life. I have already lost 5 lbs and 2% body fat! THanks for more inspiration. And kuddos on the meal time thing. family meals are so important!

  26. I love these window shots. I like the bare tree in the second one.

    I am hope spring here brings so good weather so we can get out and about again. Some extra hours in the day would be nice for me.

  27. TEN OUT OF TEN could be a winner in competition. Photo No 1

  28. My week has been nice, thanks.
    One good thing that happened is finding your blog.
    Love the window shots in this post.

  29. LOVE the composition of your window photos. The darkness, but then all the color outside is awesome!

  30. I'm catching up on your two latest posts and what a treat they both are. The haiku is wonderful, but I'm commenting here because you have inspired me. I was recently thinking that I should start a walking program without my dogs. Moving through the neighborhood with a Standard Poodle and an Old English Sheepdog is not exactly a free-form aerobic deep breathing stride! Now I'm convinced. Cody did a masterful job with the table; what a treasure that is (and, yes, eating earlier is healthier for you!).
    I'm actually praying for the push of motivation you've described. You know, that clutter and all....

  31. What wonderful window shots of the seasons!

    The season change itself seems to be our call to motivation recently. We too are trying to get dinner done earlier and then enjoy a walk through the paths in our neighborhood. And I'm trying to take some pictures everyday but still trying to get motivated about the wash pile!

  32. Hey Jess!!! I am so glad that you are having a wonderful time. You truly deserve to be happy! I am so pleased :)

    I have been through a bit of a rough time over the past few months, and swimming has kind of been my salvation. I go swimming every evening now, it helps me release some of the tension I have inside.

    Also, today I finally got off my butt, set the alarm clock for 6am and took a very long stroll through my local forest. There is nothing more motivational than wandering through the wilderness...