Inside Out

Barbed Blackberry

I've been in a major house cleaning mode.
Clearing clutter that I am convinced is muddying up my mind.

Today, I was especially motivated and got a ton of things done!
You know those days where consulting the to-do list isn't even necessary
because you are in a zone....that's me right now.

Another goal.....get to bed before midnight!


  1. I love those days.

    I hope you got to bed "on time"!

  2. Love your image...juicy and fresh! Isn't it wonderful to be in that zone! I've been there these days too.

  3. I love the colors on that one. :)

    I was in that zone Sunday, and now I can't shake the fatigue... :(

  4. such a stunning shot...don't work TOO hard!

  5. Send some of your energy my way!

    I just keep hiding my clutter in the laundry room and watching the Olympics...

  6. Very nice photography!Regards for You

  7. about time. it's a good thing you women get these zones men would be up to their knees in dust.nice pic.hope you got CODY cleaning.

  8. Good luck cleaning - another amazing photo!

  9. So, did you make it?

    Or did you turn into a pumpkin pie, LOL!

    mmm. pie. mmmm.

  10. I have been cleaning the house from top to bottom too... not because I am motivated, but because I couldn't find my keys.

    Turns out I didn't lose them somebody lost them for me!

    Thanks for your kind comments on my blog!

  11. Another berry for cooking.
    In bed by midnight is alway my plan. It's never pretty when I turn into a pumpkin.

  12. My moments of motivation to deal with the clutter at home usually come when I can't locate something that should be where I last left it (you know I mean).

    The Olympics are killing me with the whole getting to bed early thing.

  13. WW,
    This is so weird....I haven't read my favorite blogs this week until now - Fri. night late - because we've had installers here doing all our windows. Which has created yet more clutter and I'm awash in stuff beyond what I can cope with, let alone all the cleaning that is on the agenda. The other day in the midst of the chaos I started a new blog. You're the first to know, for such obvious reasons!

    And sleep, or the lack of it, is a first and paramount issue I must address if I'm going to get anything done!