* Sunshine on her Shoulders *

Sunshine on her Shoulders

For a while now, I have been bugging a co-worker of mine to
let me take photos of her very adorable daughter.
It wasn't until after her last day on the job that we decided to
coordinate the endeavor, once and for all.

I have created some scenarios as to when and where
I would capture these snippets.
Kids, on the other hand, have their own agendas......
I don't photograph people as often anymore,
so it was a little foreign to me.

I wish that there would have been more time for her to get used to me, and the camera,
but they didn't arrive in enough time to get to the location I had in mind.
We ended up just having the 'session' in the backyard.

The above shot was the only one out of the handful that I really fell in love with.
Hopefully, in the future, we will have more time to get comfortable with one another.


In other news:
  • I did go to bed before midnight last night, FINALLY! (and I hope to do so again tonight)
  • I have still had an unusually high level of energy. (i really don't know where it's coming from)
  • I am feeling 20 lbs lighter since I started cleaning up the house. I am, however, taking it slow, one room at a time. The task just seems less daunting this way.
  • I wish I had more willing subjects to take photos of........
  • I can't believe it's only Tuesday!


  1. That girl looks so lovely her hair as golden as the sun, and I love how you added the sunflowers to the side. They're my favorite flower.

  2. I love that photo. She's just luminious. You inspire me with your photography!

  3. You certainly captured a moment there. What a lovely photo...

  4. What a beautiful sun filled photo. How I wish there had been a bit more sunshine around here the past month or so! Take care

  5. It's Wednesday here, if that helps you feel better :)

    The photo beautiful the mother will adore it. Nice to see you take a portrait too. Maybe a few more in future yes??

  6. It's a beautiful photo - and I love it together with the other one.

  7. I am going to get into photographing people too. I always wanted to sketch people but I stink at it so this may be an avenue for me. I love what you did. Great work.

  8. Sunshine
    and sunflowers
    are close friends.

  9. Great pic. She's glowing. :)

    Happy Wednesday...

  10. So lovely! Going to bed early is great!

  11. A beautiful picture. So few photographers manage to capture a character. A shame you are so far away, I would bring my girls to you like a shot! (no pun intended)


  12. Children do have minds of there own, but you got a great photo of a very pretty little girl.

  13. I love that photo. I want my girls captured that way. Happy WW!

  14. that is a good photo of her - and the photo on the left is absolutely lovely!

  15. What a pretty girl in a pretty pose! Mom must be chuffed, it's gorgeous!! wow!

  16. You Know how I feel about your portrait..but is it too late (0445am) to say..

    TAG YOUR IT!!!


  17. Oh my goodness, she is beautiful.

  18. The little girl looks so peaceful.

    Glad you got to bed early. I stayed up too late watching track & field events and the U.S. women's beach volleyball team in their gold medal win against the Chinese team last night.

  19. you are such a rare talent. I know I haven't been commenting as frequently, because I feel as though I say the same things over & over and you must get sick of it : ( but really, I love your photography, it never fails to inspire and uplift me!

  20. very beatiful child....wish i had the energy, your having...seems all i want to do is sleep...but can't....

  21. A beautiful photo of a beautiful child; calendar quality.
    See my comment on your other post about cleaning/sleep. It's going on midnight and I'm trying for that deadline myself!

  22. beautiful. i am jealous that you are plodding your way through the house. it is like losing weight!!!! sleep helps too.

  23. Cleaning things out is one of my favorite things. I am glad you feel like you have more energy! I hope things have been better for you on the physical health front, I know it has been a long road for you. You continue to amaze me with your creativity and eye for the beautiful. Seeing your pictures makes me feel peaceful.

  24. Nice picture, she is certainly cute, kids are sometimes hard to get good photos of.

  25. did i not comment on this post? how can that be? the photo is gorgeous, stunning and a beautifully captured expression.
    in other news....the housecleaning. might you be willing to collaborate on this weight loss thingy and help me to keep to my path of clearing the rubble and making my nest a reflection of my inside life? i need help. i need inspiration and i am thrilled to see you are up to the same thing. one room at a time... but i only got 1/4 of the kitchen done before leaving for chicago. now that part is in need of cleaning again. it is always the way :( where are you in the process? i will read on and see if there is an update.