~My First Two~

"Winter in February"
Winter in February
(Very 1st one)

"Life is Beautiful"
Life is Beautiful
(Second card made)

I have been pretty preoccupied lately with other concerns on my agenda, so I haven't set aside time to make new ones. These are scans of some of the little cards I've made recently, although these were done a week or two ago. I have yet to procure some acrylic paints to layer them with, but soon. So far, I have acquired some paint brushes, which is a good start. I have two others that I made just last week that I scanned in as well, I will share those with you sometime this week too.

Normally, I just let magazines stack up and collect dust since I hate to just throw them away. But with this I can give the pages new life, and it keeps me occupied in the meantime. I have enjoyed taking ideas for themes and turning them into something tangible. I feel like it's been beneficial for me to do this in order to continue generating creativity, well, it makes sense to me. I guess I feel like a kid playing around with glue and scissors, but it's nice to have some lighthearted fun now and again, isn't it?!

Don't tell him I told you, but it's even gotten Cody into coloring, hehe..........not with crayons or anything, but these neat designs salvaged from the boxes our tea comes in. Yogi tea redesigned their boxes a while back, which are really cool by the way, and inside are these really intricate henna style designs......I didn't want to throw the tea boxes away, so I've just hung on to them until I found something to use them for. I colored one for a different artcard last week, and once Cody saw, he wanted to color one too........haha I'm just itching to make another one, maybe tonight!!


  1. you are on your way. lookout JESSICA the scavenger and CODY the paintpot kid. are out and about.i can see you both going through trash can's in town.fighting with the bag lady.only kidding, no i'm not .love you both.

  2. Awwww...how cute are they. I really like the "Life is beautiful" one. Keep it up!

  3. Very nice schtuff!! will you do christmas cards?... hmmm.. i want some. :-)

  4. Oh my gosh, they are so pretty. Is there nothing you cannot do I wonder?

  5. Wow!!! Very creative...indeed! Watch out American Greeting Cards, you got a new competition....

  6. You are creative indeed! btw, thanks a lot for your postcard... Such nice thoughts.
    I'll mail one for you soon, so that you can add to your collection, ok?

  7. POD: It is not beneath me to go dumpster diving, at all!!! haha

    1218: Thanks, that one is my favorite so far too.

    TD: Ohhhh.....I'll make YOU something and send it to you :).....email me!

    sian: Here you go making me blush, again......and I'm smiling....

    mac: Thanks for the vote of confidence!

    Nuri: You're very welcome.....You know I'd love that if you sent me another one :o)....the other 3 you sent me are at work on my bulletin board....I like to dream every now and then about being at that cafe....

  8. Hi J.M sara my daughter and family flew into north caroline wenesday hope weather is good.just to let you know i teach card making,gwilling,iris folding,sizzix,encautic art,etc,plus painting.if you can find a club near you then you can share the cost card,tool's etc, or start a club with women who are crafters.sell your cards in shop's near you.have a good day.

  9. They're great! In fact, they don't need paint - I love them as they are. Looking forward to seeing more x

  10. jessica we call dumpser, skips i'v been doing it all my life what find's.enjoy your crafting.love to you and him in door's.

  11. I love these!!! You are awesomely creative. I bow down.

  12. Pippa: I think I'll save the paint for some down the road.....thanks for the advice :)

    Rebecca: thank you :o)