Dream Come True

Trip Planning

The wheels are in motion! I have received the two guide books we ordered to aid in the planning of our trip. And on Friday I booked out plane tickets to San Jose, CA. We are going to rent a car, and travel down the coast of California on Highway 1. I am so very excited, as the title of the post suggests, this really is "A Dream Come True"! I've wanted to go for at least 5 years now. It's funny that we are going out west again for vacation, but it's no surprise since that part of the US is alien to me. I have been diligently reading the Explore! guidebook. My hope is to have a well laid out itinerary so we can make the most of our 7 days in CA. Cody leaves this up to me, he's just along for the ride, even though this trip is to celebrate HIS birthday! I'm okay with it since I like to plan as much as I like to go......he's appreciative :o) The big thing is to figure out where we will be along the coast and on what day, some nights we plan to camp, and some we plan to stay in a hotel or cabin, maybe even a yurt!!

See For Yourself (link to photos)

I talked about signs pointing to this trip in a previous post.........

1.) We just bought a book last weekend called "501 Must See Destinations", Big Sur, CA is listed as one! It's a dream book of sorts, I didn't expect that place to be in there, I almost turned right to it when looking at it later on at home.

2.) On Thursday, I received my first magazine from "Sunset", and on the cover was a photo of McWay Falls, which will be a site we see while traveling highway 1.......I was floored......I immediately knew what the photo was of, and nearly started screaming Cody's way to alert him of the news. haha, I'm a dork like that. I just thought it was so cool.......like it was a sign....wooooo...


  1. has someone told the wildlife you are coming.pray they will be out to welcome you when you get there.you never know what you will come across and what you will see around each bend in the road.enjoy take it easy look for the hill that as a path,who am i kidding i can see you and cody climing over rock's and wadeing through rivers. don't come back telling us you have pain's in place's you didn't know you had.no jokeing really have a good time.just take a first aid box.

  2. What Alan said... You'll take such great pics, I'm sure... I visited California, Oregon and Washington a long time ago and LOVED it...

  3. Half the fun of the trip is planning the trip! I'm sure you'll have a great time :)

  4. oooo I love California... Monterey Bay and Carmel are gooorgeous, and if you can drive through Gilroy the smell of fresh fields of garlic will drive you nuts!

    sigh. you lucky, lucky girl. I am super envious!!

  5. joan: :o)

    POD: O you better believe we are going to see and do....EVERYTHING!!! 1st aid kit in tow...

    nuri: This will be my first time going to CA....I can't wait!

    sian: I do rather enjoy planning...You know I'll have a good time!!

    TD: You've been before!! Gilroy....I'll have to look that up...don't worry it'll be like you were there once I post trip details and photos :o)

  6. Yay, have a wonderful time planning your trip. And don't forget the dice!! :D

    Can't wait to see your pics when you get back!