Here they are........

*I tried on several different occasions to get photographs of these pictures, but my efforts were futile. These are the only ones that I can bear to upload, but I wanted you to see what they looked like framed. Initially my intentions were not to wait until the very last minute to turn them in, but as usual I procrastinated despite that desire. I had them done Thursday night with the goal of turning them in on Friday, but I couldn't bear to let them go yet. The Fantasia picture in general was what I could make up my mind on. I won't even tell you how much ink I wasted printing out copy after copy. I never found anyone around town that could do posters for me, and since I assumed that I could get them done in town, I didn't bother sending off to have them done, which would have been loads easier. Lessons learned.

It was funny how Friday I didn't want to let them go, but by Saturday afternoon, I was ready to get them as far out of my sight as possible. Never in my life have I been so bent up about a speck of dust until that day. Every time I closed the frame and inspected it I would find another fiber in a spot that I just couldn't overlook. The longer I kept them, the more I scrutinized every single smudge and particle attracted to their surfaces. Boy am I glad that part is over!

I'm really looking forward to the opening on Friday. Voting for the "People's Choice Award" will start on that day as well. I will get those details up here when I find out more information. I'm sure I can count on a couple votes from you all :-) I hope you had a great weekend. I'll share more about what I did in the coming days........


  1. they look gorgeous! Matting and framing is a very painful experience - I use the "rocketblaster" that I use to clean off my camera's sensor to blow off the dust off the mat and frame. Hopefully, you know what I'm talking about! :) Anyway, your shots look very shot in the white mats and black frames. Well done!

  2. I agree with Mark, framing is a PITA but once done... the result is stunning!

    Do you get your prints back after the exhibition is over?

    and of course we will vote for you!!

  3. mark: Thank you! I didn't know what one was, so I looked it up, I think I'm going to get one! I'm still a little behind on camera gadgetry.

    technodoll: I'll get them back if I don't sell one.....I won't even tell you what I priced them at.....haha
    I knew I could count on your vote!!

  4. ooo but I wanna know! how much?? :-D

  5. I gave you my vote tonight, and wish you continued good luck. I've got to say, having seen some of the other photos, I definitely see myself being there with ya next year. (See "Road to Nowhere" on my Flickr page for next year, I think it has much potential)