[Altered] Aesthetics

Altered Aesthetics


SOC Tree
SOC Tree

The original photo, to me, seemed so very plain. Looking at the image on screen left me with the feeling that something was missing. Initially, I didn't pay this shot any mind, but after sorting though, I thought "What they hay", let's see what I come up with. I can't even tell you exactly what I did to the post-processed version step by step, but either way, I liked the way this originally boring and mundane shot turned out. It's got a sort of spooky antique feel to it, don't you think? Even though it may look like it, I didn't use an Infrared filter, in case you were wondering. In it's own right, the SOC (straight-out-camera) shot is okay from a technical standpoint, the colors are nice, it follows the rule of 3rds, and the lines are appealing, but overall, nothing is spectacular about it. Not that I think the finished product is the most amazing piece of work ever, but I like that my impression of it was so easily changed by some minor alterations.

As Cody inadvertently pointed out to me today, I am slowly becoming a little more open minded, and something that I wouldn't have given much thought to, let's say a year ago, is something I have begun to think about. And I'm not really talking about any "thing" in particular, I'm just pointing out a realization that was made. I like to be reminded that I am continuously growing, and my circumstances are not going to remain the same, not that I don't like where I am. What I mean is that, by this time next year, I will have lived and learned, essentially molding me into a new me, a different Jessica..........there was a time when I was afraid of change, and I was scared of the what ifs that consumed my mind........Now, I warmly welcome the prospect of what may come, and I no longer have that fear of not being in complete control of what may have made me uncomfortable once upon a time.
This is a very freeing conclusion for me..........

How do you feel about change? Oh yeah, and which photo do you prefer?


  1. nice one.J.M.now try doing it with a photo of someone's face.use the photo six times and each print with a different tone or color and put the four best print's together side by side, see what come's of it. just a dare.love POD.

  2. Unusually for me I prefer the top one. Normally I like photographs as natural as possible, but this one is another eldritch shot :) Just beautiful. Ever seen the illustrations of Alan Lee? Check him out if you haven't, you'll see what I mean.

    I admire the way you embrace change. This time last year I was a different person and I feel I am on the threshhold of an exciting new phase too. It is freaky sometimes but what's life without a challenge or six?

  3. Well... to be honest I prefer the SOC shot, mainly because there is a bit of GREEN in it! LOL!

    No, seriously. The post-prod shot is lovely too but it looks like snow to me and I am SO over snow. sigh.

    Life is change, life is good... Cody is wise :-)

  4. Pod: Take one photo and come up with six different ways to process it?! hmmmm........maybe I'll try that sometime.

    sian: thank you, very unusual you like the top one indeed :-), the artist of middle earth, oh yeah, wish I could draw like that!
    "Threshold of an exciting new phase" I really like that a lot......I can't describe it as beautifully, but that is how I feel also. Change keeps things interesting!

    TD: Oops, I posted a snowy shot again :(
    Cody IS wise.........