Tread Lightly

Reality is too much to take in heapfuls, but sprinkle it sparingly upon life's path and most can tread it lightly.
~Astrid Alauda

I have felt somewhat negligent in terms of the blog world. My negligence doesn't always mean that I don't post, but I have felt almost like I haven't really been here. And I don't have anything interesting or profound to share with you today, because I'm still not really here. I just hate to think that my pictures go to waste, sitting in their little folders on my hard drive. I have so much to share, yet I don't.........doesn't make any sense to me either, but humor me. I guess the best way to describe what I've been going through would be to say that, I've been in lala land........sort of doing my own thing - creating.

Creating what? Well, stuff............I started making these little artcards from misc. things I cut out of magazines and have laying around for my scrap booking. I've made one almost every night this week. I'm not sure I'm ready to share them since they look pretty rough, and my eye is way to critical.........but it's fun and it takes my mind off of other things. I really want to buy some paints to incorporate in the mixture, but I don't have any idea as to what kind. I have no experience whatsoever with paint, complete novice. I'm thinking maybe acrylics, which is what Cody also suggested. Maybe a trip to Cheap Joe's is in order this weekend?!

Cody has been working on a dining room table for the house, made from scraps he's picked up here and there. For starters, I'm super excited that he is motivated and working in his shop like he's been planning to do. And secondly, I'm happy that I will finally have a place to spread out all my junk, instead of all over the floor, couch, and coffee table, when I'm working on something. Oh and lastly, I'll just be happy to have dinner at a table for once........It's been a while since we've eaten dinner at a table. Having meals while sitting on the couch sort of degrades the work you put in to preparing a meal, you know?!

My plan this weekend is to, well, make plans.........a vacation for Cody's birthday this year. I think we've selected the perfect place for some amazing adventures, somewhere I've wanted to go ever since I saw this fashion spread in a magazine, I didn't care about the clothes, I just feel in love with the scenery! I won't tell you where yet, but once we've set it in motion, and I receive my guidebooks, I will fill you in. If you don't already know, and can guess.......then you're real good.......I'll give you a hint, it's somewhere out west again. If you remember, we went to Las Vegas for my birthday last year. Oh boy, I can't wait!!!


  1. I know just what you are saying. My recent posts have lost something but I am not sure what. I too feel the need to create something but I am not sure what. I have thought about painting but like you, I know little about it. Myebe it will come to us in a dream. We are planning a trip to Washington Dc. Perhaps we will try to find a decent politician but that may be easier said than done. :)

  2. "maybe" I should learn to type first before I try to create. :)

  3. Hmm the grand canyon? Nova Scotia? Montreal? *grin*

    Your blog is what you make it, I don't think it should become a stress or anything, aka "must post something deep and meaningful every day".

    We love you and your photos no matter what ;-)

  4. Join the club in making plans to plan a vacation. I've been trying to plan a vacation forever now. I just need to do it! I'm so lazy, I don't even know why I need a vacation. LOL!

  5. why didn't you ask. Cody is right it dry's faster. or painting with ink's. take him to greenland or iceland.you can walk your sock's off.bye love POD .

  6. Sometimes the blog does get away with one doesn't it? Take a break for a day or two, we'll miss you but we'll be here when you come back :)
    Oh and I got your card this morning! Thank you :) so pretty. I have been a bit under the weather as you know but I will look for a pretty one to send to you next week...

  7. I've been the same - kind of here but kind of not. I'm way behind on other people's blogs! I really want to see your artcards. Maybe just put them on flickr? I definitely recommend cheap acrylic paints. I add water to create a wash first, then once that's dry I do another layer, always mixing colours. Then over the top I print with the acrylics and then get a really dry brush with just a little bit of white paint on and brush that over lightly. There is so much you can do with acrylics, and best of all, they're cheap!x x x

  8. greg: I guess we all have those periods eh?! Glad to know I'm not alone :o) Washington DC, I haven't been there since I was 12 or so.....one of these days I'll get back there.

    TD: Good guess.No.Nope.....So Sweet, thank you!

    1218: haha, that's precisely why you need a vacation!!

    POD: We won't be going abroad until some time next year. Those two are both on my list of places to go though.....

    sian: Ohhhh.....yeah.....you got it!!! I'm looking forward to the one you send me!!!

    pippa: Thanks for the advice....I will post the artcards.....I'll let you know :o)