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French Girl

  • This photo was not taken with a digital camera.
  • It was taken with my 35mm camera my Dad gave me some years ago.
  • I scanned it in from a print that I found recently.
  • While at a hostel in 2002, I sat next to this French-Canadian girl whom I did not understand due to the language barrier, but thought she was adorable nonetheless.
  • I love the dirt on her nose, and the expression on her face.
  • I want to break out my 35mm again and show it the attention it deserves, I mean look at the bokeh, the grain.

While talking on the phone to my Sister today, we got on the subject of portraiture. And she proceeded to tell me that people always want to know who took photos of Ju-Ju (my nephew) that she has hanging around the house. This lead to the discussion of how I never really take pictures of people anymore, and it's true, I don't. You may see a candid shot of Cody here and there , but for the most part, nature is my favorite subject.


Maybe it's because she (mother nature) isn't shy, and I don't have to ask if she minds that I capture her essence. Another reason is mainly because I don't have willing subjects knocking down my door wanting photos of themselves. But willings subjects aside, I love to take pictures of people, I just don't do it all that often. When I go back home for a visit is when I try to get photos of family and friends. This past Thanksgiving, as soon as I got to my Uncle's house I started taking photos of everyone. After awhile they got used to it and didn't really seem to mind a camera pointed in their direction. When I lived in Jacksonville, taking pictures of people took up the majority of film that I went through. It's funny how things change, isn't it?

I sometimes miss having people to take photos of.........my family especially.

*This is a digital photo, taken on Thanksgiving 07*

  • See another post with Ju-Ju photos: Here


  1. I wish I took better candid shots of people but I don't. My kids get bored with me taking their pictures. Chloe cat is pretty cooperative - most of the time.

  2. oh MY!! the first photo is stunning... both technically and in composition, and of course the subject matter, ligthing... *loves it*

    Now, do little boys pout like that in real life or only when being supermodels for their photographer auntie!

    Truly, those are kickass photos. LOVE them.

    *goes off smiling*

  3. poor kid.jessica what i could be doing photo.please could you show some people pic's from the past love POD.

  4. aha you talkin bout me! hope everything went well tonight!! i think taking pictures of people is a challenge. your capturing raw emotion. theres a special kind of vulnerability involved and thats beautiful god dammit.

  5. Beautiful photo. I recently thought of getting a disposable 35mm camera to take with me on vacation. Just to see how the pictures differ from my digital.

    I loved posing for my dad when I was growing up. He developed his own film in the bathroom. I can still smell the chemicals.

    All of your photos are wonderful, for so many different reasons. I like to think about them more.

  6. My dad has a 35mm Leica and we can tell the difference from our digital cameras... Cute kids Jessica!

  7. how did the photo exhibition go.hope you did well.

  8. joan: finding willing subjects is rather hard eh?!

    TD: thank you, it's always been one of my favorites. I shot a few different photos of Ju-Ju, this was one of the in between faces he was making. He'll pose for only so long....

    POD: I'll pull out my box, and post some more sometime.

    Sister: you're ROTTEN!

    Rebecca: Thank you. I can't say that a disposable will be of the same quality as a 35mm SLR, but who knows compared to digital. As I a kid I hated posing for my Dad, but we always did it for him anyways.

    Nuri: thanks

  9. Jessica you can get the bokeh with your digital camera. its all about the f stop. and depth of field. email me if you would like me to talk to you more about it...


  10. Both photos are beautiful! That first one, though...oh, just gorgeous. It almost has texture.

    I stopped taking photos of people, too. Even family. I got sick of getting stupid faces or dirty looks. So I stick to my children, who I am invisible to. The funny thing is now people complain that there aren't any photos of family functions anymore. Hm. Wonder why.