Slow Motion

Falling Behind
These photos are from our hike last weekend. We found it in my North Carolina Waterfalls: A Hiking and Photography Guide. According to the person who wrote the guide, this waterfall may not be worth the 2.9 mile hike you have to endure in order to get there. We thought it was pretty mild for the most part, only a slight incline on the way out. Reaching the base of the falls was the most difficult part. The bank, next to the overgrown trail that ran beside the creek was nearly vertical, thankfully, it was a short distance to the base of the falls. Getting in and out of this place required some bushwhacking, but it was completely necessary to get some photos. All things considered, I think it was worth the 6 mile hike!!


I thought I was going to cry
But, I didn't. The gallery opening was this past Friday at the Turchin Center. Right when I walked through the exhibit doors, I spotted my photo on a far off wall. I tried to fight the urge to go straight to my photo, but the excitement overcame me. My Sister joked that I would stand next to my photograph, so that I could tell people that those were mine........I didn't tell people that I was the photographer, but I did linger at times to see the expression on peoples faces when they passed by. I quickly realized that most people aren't as animated as I am, so, watching didn't help gauge what they actually thought about them anyhow. I can't say that I was as enthusiastic as I pictured myself to be prior to the show, and that was somewhat disappointing. Maybe that can be attributed to how many people were there; we're thinking that when I go back, privacy may allow for a more intimate experience?!?! Who knows......maybe then I'll squeeze out a tear or two.....

  • Different View of Thunderhole Falls: HERE


  1. Congratulations on having your photo there. I would have made an animated face for you. WOW, so neat. Kudos.

  2. Also I put a link up to your blog from mine, hope that's okay. Your photos are so gorgeous.

  3. Rebecca: Thanks for all the wonderful comments lately, I really appreciate them! I must sound ungrateful.....don't get me wrong, this is a HUGE thing for me, something I have wanted for a while now......I am feeling pretty blessed, maybe it hasn't quite caught up with me yet?! I have been meaning to put up links to my favorite blogs too, just plain lazy.....thank you.....I feel honored :-)

  4. jm lazy is a good word,when the rain is falling outside it is easy just to take a book or mag and find that a few hours have gone by. rain can put us in the mood to do this ,snow is another.the wind blowing a gale outside at night another. or is it that we look for lazy, because we all tend to be lazy,what's wrong with lazy.i came home to night to find my cleaner had cleaned my place.i was shocked the place was spotless she brougth order,she has been ill since the new year.showed how lazy i was,i flicked the dust,she cleaned up the dust.thank GOD for jackie.lazy that's me J.M lazy with you is not wrong .you just need more time in your day. me i need more time to be lazy.POD

  5. I know, lazy is good sometimes, but I still feel bad about it while I'm doing it, hahaha......makes no sense - I know!