{I Dream in Color}

I Dream in Color

If you've never been thrilled to the very edges of your soul by a flower in spring bloom, maybe your soul has never been in bloom.
~Audra Foveo~

*I wish it were sunny out today like in the photo.......this weekend has been gloomy and foggy......yesterday it was so thick, we didn't really go anywhere. Although, I did get a deep tissue massage yesterday. I'm a little sore, which she said I most likely would be. I think that I am going to start having it done regularly, maybe once a week. On top of the Acupuncture I think it will really help with the muscle pain and tightness. Speaking of Acupuncture, I had the most nerve wreaking experience on Friday.......the clinic was closed last week so, the only way to get my appointment was to have my treatment done in front of a class. I started sweating almost instantly once I stepped inside of the room, as the center of attention all eyes were on me. I kept my eyes on the Acupuncturist, and tried to forget that everyone was watching. When we moved to the treatment room, the echo of feet clomping as they surrounded me seemed to be amplified as I laid there on the table. It was very hard for me to relax at first, and the whispers piercing my ears weren't as quite as the people thought they were. Once the Acupuncturist was done needling everyone left the room, thankfully......and as usual, I drifted off......if treatments were like that all the time, I don't think I would be comfortable going as much as I do!
We were thinking about hitting up another waterfall from my book today, but I'm not really in the mood for driving anywhere or leaving the house for that matter. And before I forget, I still have the other waterfall photos to share with you from last weekend......today, I needed something sunny to share :o)

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  1. That flower is certainly full of sunshine! I've never tried acupuncture. All the needles kind of give me the willies! I'm sorry it was so stressful for you at first with the loomers watching over you. At least you were able to relax eventually.

  2. how much did they give you for the pain? love the pro photo it's the national flower of Wales made my day.true pro J.M.

  3. That flower was JUST what I needed - thank you! thank you! thank you!

    Lovely quote, too.

    PS: never tried acupuncture but really want to - is it painful at all?

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog earlier today and commenting re. Earth Hour. It did receive media attention, but it depended on local community participation. Chicago just happened to be one of the major cities participating.

    I loved your hydrangea pictures. I can't wait for Spring weather to finally arrive so that I can get in my garden.

    I did try acupuncture years ago for sciatica pain. It did help bring pain relief. Sorry for the rambling comments here ... have a nice night!

  5. I not only dream in color, I sometimes get strange feelings that go along with my dreams. They are often feelings I can't express with words. Great flower pictures.

  6. 1218: If your fear of needles isn't too crippling, it may not be as bad as you expect. I've never had a problem with needles myself, but it does take some getting used to.

    POD: National Flower of Wales...hmmmm, I didn't know that! The Acupuncture helps takes the edge off the pain....but the massage sort of brought things to the surface and has made my neck and back more sensitive.

    TD: Yay!! Flowers always give me a warm and fuzzy feeling.
    For the problems you have, which are somewhat similar to mine, I think Acupuncture may help quite a bit. It's definitely helped me in ways I didn't think were possible. Especially when it comes to other problems within my body that weren't so apparent in western medicine. It isn't painful, the needles are very tiny and sometimes, you can barely feel them.

    meridith: I hate that my local community wasn't more aware.....I rarely watch the news or read it for that matter!
    I am also looking forward to spring, much like everybody else....thank you.
    I've been getting Acupuncture since November for muscle pain from neck surgery I had........it's helping me too.

    P.S. I'm a rambler too :o)

    Greg: Thank you! I sometimes wake up all freaked out from a really strange dream.....most of the time, I can't even remember them!!