Winner Announcement

The Winners

1. Paula Clare 2. Graham 3. Joan 4. Bryan 5. Liss 6. Lydia

Thank you to everyone who took the time to participate.
There were a total of 14 people who actually picked their favorites.
A total of 42 photos chosen.
Only 3 photos out of that 42 were chosen more than once!

Which one to chose?!
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From top to bottom
Love Notes on pink
Dainty White on green
Sour Cherries on rust
Wonder Collides on brown
Press Your Luck on light green
Purple Posy on orange

Have any of you ever played a gift snatch at Christmas time before?
Well, that's how we are going to do this selection process for the giveaway!
I know, I'm such a pain, but it'll be fun - trust me.


1. The winners, in the order their name appears, will select one magnet (from the photo above) that they would like to have.
2. The next person in line who gets to chose can pick ANY magnet they wish, even if it was one previously chosen by another winner.
3. If your magnet gets taken by another winner, you will get to choose again; you may select a magnet that has already been chosen, although you may not pick the one that was just taken from you.
4. If a magnet gets taken 2x's it's FROZEN, and can not be picked again.
5. The process will continue until everyone has a magnet!

*Don't be afraid to take the one you want, it's all in good fun!!

It may be best to subscribe to the comment section for this post so that the winners who will be selecting their prizes can stay up to date with where they stand.

For anyone who didn't win, there is another part to this giveaway for different prizes that I will be announcing later this week. So, stay tuned!!


  1. Hi! I'm so excited to have won! Can I threaten the other winners with bodily harm if they take my photos away? Do we HAVE to play nice?!?!

    Okay, here are the ones I selected:

    Yellow with a side of blue
    Sour cherries

    For whoever comes next...choose wisely, grasshopper!

  2. You sure know how to keep the suspense going, girl! whooo hoooo! ;-D

  3. Whoop, whoop! I'm glad to see my name there. I'm a bit confused about the rules of the game, and believe that as #6 I am supposed to wait until all the other 5 winners have selected their favorite from the magnets you showed in the picture. In any case, that's what I'll do. Thank you for creating this fun for us!

  4. Yipee, I won and being 5 may not be a bad thing. I await my turn to pick.

    Note to Graham - you take my magnet and you will be in big big trouble!!

  5. I admit I'm confused. I wanted Wander Collides.

  6. Hey Everybody! Sorry about the confusions, but yes, you do need to wait for your turn :)

    Paula Clare has officially selected Sour Cherries as her first pick! Now, it is Graham's turn to pick a magnet from the photo within this post.

  7. I'm so disappointed I didnt get into your draw in time (I have been having computer problems - and I'm not real good unless everything works perfectly!!!). For some reason I cant access your flickr photos - restricted (do I need to get permission from you?)

    Anyway, I still wanted to let you know which ones are my favourites.
    (1) Wonder collides in brown
    (2) Tree of Antiquity
    (3) Dogwood blooms

    Hard decision, so many beautiful photos.

  8. Oh fun - you are so kind for giving away lovely items!

  9. I am so happy there is something else coming up! How did I miss the first giveaway? Darn :)

  10. Hiya... sorry I am so late, I have just arrived home from work.

    Woohoo! I am so greatful for the opportunity to choose a magnet.

    The one I would like to select is "Wonder Collides on Brown".

    Best of luck to you all and enormous hugs to the lovely Jessica :D


  11. ps. To all of you who now have to select a magnet - All I can say is "Don't make me angry... you won't like me when I'm angry!!" LMAO!!! Happy selecting everybody! Gosh, this is such fun!!!

  12. Just a recap....

    Currently Paula Clare has Sour Cherries


    Graham has Wonder Collides

    it is now Joan's turn to pick which magnet she wants :o)

  13. They are all winners but since I voted on Wonder Collides that's my choice.

  14. Uh-Oh!!

    Now it's getting interesting! Joan (#3) just selected her magnet, and well, she took Wonder Collides from Graham!! So, now it's his turn to choose again, the only one off limits to you is the one that was just taken, Wonder Collides.

  15. oooh, this is sooo hard... I kinda want Sour Cherries, but don't have the heart to steal...LOL! So, as I need a bit of luck in my life at the moment, I am going to choose "Press your luck" on light green.

    I wish everyone else good luck too!!! Happy selecting folks! And thanks again Jessica... this is truly exciting :)

  16. Paula Clare has Sour Cherries

    Graham has Press Your Luck

    Joan has Wonder Collides

    Now, it's Bryan's turn to select a magnet!!

  17. sorry Joan, i soooo taking Wonder Collides

  18. Oh NO!!

    Okay, Bryan is the new owner of "Wonder Collides", this magnet can not be taken from him now.

    Joan, I'm sorry, but you have to select again :)


    Paula has Sour Cherries
    Graham has Press Your Luck

  19. My daughter's favorite color is purple so purple posey

  20. Sorry for holding every one up. That’s the problem being on the opposite side of the world.

    Oh no it is my pick,
    Do you know how bad I am at making decisions!!! NOT GOOD if you only knew what I was like with a menu in hand.

    I really like sour cherries but I too do not have the heart to take it from Paula so I am going to pick Dainty White.

  21. Honestly, I wasn't trying to drive you all nuts by not picking #6. The reason for the "holdup" was an emergency in this small town (i.e., a police officer shot and killed a "burglar" right in front of the house of some friends of mine) that had me distracted.

    Now, back to the beauty in life...

    I want Wonder Collides so much; it's my favorite of all even tho' I listed it as my #3 pick I didn't intend for that to be misunderstood as an "in order" list. HOWEVER, since I am hoping that karma will provide me with colliding wonders if I do the right thing...I will happily take Love Notes. It impressed me very much when you first introduced it to us, WW. Also, I'm a daily visitor to ParisDailyPhoto blog and so that country (never visited) and the language (haven't studied it) are a marvelous getaway in my dreams. The Love Notes magnet will remind me to remember that Wonder Collides, even close to home!

    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway. I feel so lucky to be one of the winners.

  22. o, I see that Wonder Collides couldn't have been taken from Bryan, anyway! It's always nice to know you did the right thing, even if doing the wrong thing wasn't a possibility to begin with!