Moments : Lost in Reverie

Lost in Reverie

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.
~Walt Disney~

I've been on this haiku kick ever since Jo invited us to write one to accompany some morning photos she took one day.
I was inspired to write this one after I read and contemplated the Walt Disney quote shown above.

When life gets in the way we can become overwhelmed, and discouraged.
Staying focused isn't always an easy task.

What has helped you to keep the dream alive?!


  1. My purple hydrangeas finally bloomed last week; they took their time! This is a beautiful shot, and *lovely* sentiment.

    Obama is helping to keep my dream alive.

  2. I forgot to tell you that Honour left a sweet message for you in her comments after my "Strawberry Wine" post. She left her comment a few days after the post so you probably would miss it....

  3. Wonderful post. I lose my focus so often but it is often little things that help me remember, sometimes something as simple and as wonderful as one of my daughters giving me an unexpected and heart cheering smile

  4. I’m the sucker that never knows when to give up. Sometimes it’s a good thing and sometimes not so good. I think it is always nice to have something to strive for no matter how big or small it may be. Learning photoshop is a big goal and makes my goal of getting my kids to bed on time seem very simple.

  5. Courage and conviction keep the dream alive for me.

    Beautiful photos as always.... enjoyed sharing your trip with you!

  6. 2 things keep me going-one is just the unshakeable thought that I'm responsible for my happiness. The other is the love and support that my hubby surrounds me with.

  7. Great thing to do everyday - good idea! Knowing that there is more to life has kept my dreams alive.

  8. dreams are only the bridge to reality when you put goals in place.

    And that was my bit of philosophy for the day! :-)

  9. The happy ending...

    I'm a princess, don't you know? :D

  10. beautiful quote and picture, I love Hydrangeas. I keep the dream alive because I know if I quit no matter if the outcome is good or bad I would never know and I would have never learned the lesson from the experience.

  11. lydia: I wish we had some in our yard....Obama.....I'm with you there :)

    RR: that's sweet :o)

    liss: You are definitely a go-getter!

    jacky: Courage....tough for me to muster sometimes.....very insightful, thank you :)

    carmen: You're so smitten, I love that! I agree about how we are responsible for our own happiness, I've felt that way for a long time.

    please sir: So much more..

    TD: Sage advice, indeed. I like your perspective.

    Prin: I knew that ;)

    johanna: you're too funny....

    elisabeth: Walt Disney knew a little about something eh?

    k&c: In other words, You never know until you try?! I believe that.....

  12. I love the color of the pic. Thanks for sharing!