Moments : Melodrama

Moments : Melodrama
haiku friday

I go up and down
Emotions running wild
I can't stop crying

To give vent now and then to his feelings, whether of pleasure or discontent,
is a great ease to a man's heart.
~Francesco Guicciardini~

I hesitated in posting this week's haiku because of it's woeful words.
Yesterday, when I made it, that's how I felt.

I don't always get into a discussion about how I feel here on WW.
Not because I'm afraid, but because this is my happy place.
This is where I post about fun stuff and good times,
albeit, talking about mountain top removal isn't
necessarily a 'happy' subject, but it makes
me happy to know that I
can raise awareness.

This week has
been a struggle for me and has
had me battling some unsavory emotions,
which doesn't help my everyday levels of pain.
To sum it up, I have simply felt encumbered.
I don't know how else to explain it, that's the best I can come up with.
Anything and everything has gotten on my nerves this week.
My hair, my clothes, my messy house....
It's quite clear what the culprit is,
if you catch my drift. Usually
it's not this bad.

Cody and I can do something
this weekend to refresh my weary spirit.
Something outdoors perhaps.....

What do you do to console your soul during a crisis such as this?


  1. Honesty --- shouldn't have to be hidden. Lovely haiku that we can all identify with at times. Your sun will shine again soon. Enjoy your weekend. :)

  2. Thanks for your post. Nature helps me a lot when I'm down. Also, I've realized that when I'm having one of those weeks when I'm really down, I have to just ride out the bad feelings. They do go away. Have a good weekend!

  3. i'm still trying to figure out how to get through such times. but i always do, so there's that.

  4. I know what you mean...rough week over here too. Sometimes it a specific problem, and then other times it's an accumulation of "stuff." I hope you feel better! When I feel down I listen to good music and talk a nice walk.

  5. This is beautiful … expressive and honest. Some days (and weeks) are more challenging than others … sharing sometimes helps us move through and beyond the feelings. I hope you’re feeling better soon.
    Hugs and blessings,

  6. thank you your words though hard to share have been a blessing to others i am sure of it!

    my ways to console myself are:
    a "love you no matter what"dog....
    tears on my cheek that i do not wipe away just feel them...
    a walk with said dog....
    sweets help..
    hope your weekend is good!

  7. Your "realness" (if that's a word) is refreshing. Hope your blues are on their way out.

    When I'm overwhelmed, I hike & pray.. any cry.

  8. It depends on what the crisis is, but it can either be a good cry, some time alone, just talking the situation through with my husband or best friend, prayer, a good workout ... time.

  9. I have the flower
    for supper!

  10. I acknowledge how I feel. I try to remember that it is hard to separate the emotional pain that is birthed out of physical pain. I know that the pain is not me. I try to do my best, but some days I recognize that my best is that I got out of bed and had a shower and then sat for the rest of the day. Other days I work in fifteen minute increments. I do something for fifteen minutes and then I sit until I feel like I can do more. I only choose small jobs that I can accomplish. I work clean, I try to not make a mess when I'm doing something because I don't know when I might need to stop. Sometimes I use a book as my timer, I'll read two chapters, do something for fifteen minutes and then sit and read again.
    But most of all, I'm gentle to myself and let it run it's course, always working slowly towards some satisfaction in my day.
    That was long, but I hear you.
    All my best wishes to you today.

  11. This is a lovely 'Ku!

    Sending you hugs and happy thoughts!!!

  12. Sending hugs. When I feel down, I do nothing for a while and just pet the pup (very calming and good for the spirit) or go for a long hike (with aforementioned pup ;-) in the woods or on the coast.

  13. I know how you feel. What I find that has helped me lately is learning a few new things one being rock climbing (which I know you love) has been a saving grace for me. Meeting new people and doing new things has been keeping my mind, body, and soul too busy to be down. Try something new!

  14. So glad you expressed your true feelings. I hope it did ease your heart. When I feel like this, I just hunker down and try to get into acceptance mode. Try not to feel guilty. Be kind to myself. Just be with it until it passes. Hope you are back on track soon. A hug from me!

  15. I give other people what I need. If I need empathy, I give it. If I need support, I give it. If I need a friend, I become one. And just knowing somebody in the world cares, somebody in the world feels and somebody in the world is there for somebody else makes me feel a little better, even if it's not for me.

    I love your blog for the positivity, but it must get hard sometimes, no?

    What's that saying about how for there to be light, there has to be darkness first? Something like that.

    I like that one and the one about god giving us only what we can handle. It's a compliment to your strength that you're worthy of such challenges.

    I hope your weekend makes your spirit lighter. (hugs)

  16. Creating things of beauty as you're doing here is probably a good start....

  17. At times like this (and I know of what you speak) I just generally let off steam in the privacy of my own room. Yell, cry, punch pillows etc.
    After that I find medicinal value in a really good quality chocolate and an hilarious film. Laughing produces endorphins, so even if you don't feel like laughing, do so, the body won't be able to tell the difference and you will soon start to feel better.

    Of course it is easy to say but when one is possessed by hormones it ain't always easy to find the way out.
    Hope Cody gets through this okay! :o)

  18. I try to keep busy so I don’t get too bogged down in my sadness. Going to dinner with a girlfriend also helps. I hate to sit at home alone as it gives me too much time to think and send my head crazy.

    I hope you are felling better. I have set up my paypal account if you want to drop me the details. I all set to make my donation to help save your mountains. Big hug to you.
    Know that people care.

  19. Sounds like PMS or some kind of hormonal imbalance, my dear... sometimes the best cure is to accept it's crap for a bit, and then one morning you wake up and you feel like yourself again. S'true :-)

  20. During rough times, I draw strength from my faith, family and friends. It's a comfort, knowing that I don't have to face things alone, even when I feel completely alone at times.

    Peaceful wishes and some warm cyber {{{{hugs}}}} to you!

  21. what do you think the rest of us do, same as you, cry about our bad hair, our rotten kids, our messy houses, our ..... get my drift. same story different faces. you will be fine, as we all are eventually. feel better. margie

  22. I get like that lots of times and usually I just sit quietly and think things out and the feelings go away. Usually I get these feelings when I wake up and something sets me off. Fortunatly, I have a long ride into work and by the time I get to work everything is rosy again. I had one such feeling this morning. I don't even know what got me started but it had something to do with some injustice that I saw recently. Most likely it was on TV. I woke up feeling angry and wanting revenge or to even the score so to speak. After a few revengful fantasies I began to calm down and realized that it really wasn't worth my effort. I put on some soothing music and by the time I got to work, I was happy again. I think I need a long vacation. :)

  23. Such a moving post, with beautiful words within the haiku. I'm in a period at the moment where I am really struggling with the blues. No matter what I do, I just can't seem to be able to shake them off. I usually result to walking up in the hills to lift my soul... there is nothing more refreshing than a brisk fresh breeze blowing on my face, with nobody else for miles around... just alone with nature.