What th_?!

What th_

Meet my fancy, ergonomic keyboard.
If you look closely, you'll notice that the letter E has completely vanished.
I few months ago I noticed that it was fading, and not to long after that, it was gone!
My missing E has lead me to think about how comfortable I am with using a keyboard,
especially since I've been typing for a long time now.

When I was about 9 (i think), with a bag over my head,
my Dad would have us practice typing the alphabet on our computer.
If I typed the entire alphabet without making a mistake, I would get money!
It was only like .10 or something like that, but it added up over time.
I remember that my sister and I would go into Sanrio Surprises (aka Hello Kitty Store)
with a huge bag bulging with nickels and dimes to purchase whatever our hearts desired.

Anyways, back to typing....
I've always thought that I could type pretty fast.
In the past, I have received scores showing that I type 80 wpm (word per minute).
But, with the mouse getting more action than the keyboard these days,
I have found that my numbers have significantly gone down.
Now, I consistently type about 65 wpm.

This brings me to my newest discovery that I must share with you.
Last week, I found this wildly addictive website called Typeracer.
Not only will it measure your typing speed, but you can "race" against other people!
I couldn't stop doing it once I started, it was so much fun.
What I really found fascinating was that there are people who type almost 200 wpm.
HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!! I just want to watch someone doing it......
Ok, I just putzed around youtube, and it's not that interesting to watch!

When was the last time you checked how fast you could type?
Go play, and post your score in the comment section, it'll be fun!

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  1. Yikes - I'd be lucky if I could typed a short sentence in a minute. My fingers are very rebellious and what starts out at the brain is often so radically different to what my fingers type.

  2. Haha, I am quite fast at typing, but only through necessity!

    Love the E-less keyboard!

  3. not even going to try I am a hunt and peck-fingers-move-slower-than-brain typist

  4. I have been wanting to see how fast I typed. Thanks so much for the link. I am going to do it now.

  5. I stunk. I won't say how slow I was but some of it was nerves. I hate being pressured.

  6. interesting. i've heard of typeracer but i haven't yet given it a spin... :)

  7. One finger Poddy Six words a min or is that an hour.so i'm slow come on pod get your finger out.they don't call me fingersnail for nothing.get it fingernail fingersnail.forget it. Bye.

  8. I found a similar site a while ago and was addicted for a few weeks. I have always been able to type relatively fast, though my accuracy has gone down substantially over time. Perhaps I should practice.

  9. They've got a web site for everything!! I'd be afraid to check my typing speed, I'm probably 40 wpm. It was rather a problem when I worked office jobs. :)

  10. That was fun... and a bit nerve racking to race others. I scored between 50 - 60. I hated when they put hyphens & semicolons in.

  11. Cripes. A measly 62 wpm, 99.4% accuracy. First and last try, LOL!

    I might add that I'm slouched on the sofa with laptop balanced on my knees, while Vegas plays violent loud distracting Xbox games. Does this count? LOL!


  12. I gotta be the world's worst typer. Probably, about 35 wpm with many typos. I will save myself the embarrassment and stay away.

  13. I got 80 wpm with 96% accuracy the first time and then the next time 79 wpm with 99% accuracy. That is such a kick, WW! Thanks for sharing. I learned to type on manual typewriters in high school, then worked on electric ones for years afterward both during and after college. I mean YEARS! Just yesterday I read an editorial by some guy who was praising the Selectric typewriter, all full of nostalgia about it. I inherited my mother's after her death and gave it to Goodwill after a computer store told me it was worth $5. Computers are the only reason I like typing!

  14. Something else to distract me :-)

    I was averaging between 54-64%

  15. oh S---! this is such a big deal to me. honestly, my mother told me all my years in school that i should learn to type, it would come in handy. and i discarded her views and suggestion and defied her insistence and now...... i type with six fingers and so regret my stupidity and stubbornness. although i know the keyboard i chronically make errors that drive me crazy. but.. the good news is... i see they have a place to practice and that is a good thing!
    you sure are good at a lot of things!

  16. My speed varies, I think depending on how much I've been actually typing when I take the test. I've tested up to 90 wpm and as low as 45 wpm. I type better when I'm not taking a test. LOL! And my O is almost gone.

  17. How odd to see the E disappear from your keyboard like this. I’ve never seen such a thing. What an interesting story about learning to type with your Dad’s encouragement. I took typing in high school and have always been grateful for this skill. Watching folks ‘hunt and peck’ with a couple of fingers always seems strange to me. I’ve not checked my typing speed in years, but perhaps I’ll give it a go at this link when time permits. Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs and blessings,

  18. How could you do this to me? I used to think you were a wonderful friend... but now you have me addicted to this bloody typing game...lol! I'm starving and dying of thirst..... but i just can't stop playing it... grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    loadsaluv ~ Graham xxoo