NC State Fair in Raleigh, NC

Fair Entrance Archway

I nearly forgot what it felt like to walk through the gates of a fair. It's been so long since I've been to one, it's no wonder. The lights.....the smells....the sounds. They all compound to cultivate an evening filled with good times and lasting memories! It's almost too much to take in since everything hits you all at once, kicking your sensory overload into hyperdrive. I swear that I was on the brink of explosion as I attempted to take it all in.

Fireworks & Flags

Aside from making our minds up about what we wanted to do first, there was also the dilemma of trying to gain your bearings in a land where every corner looks exactly the same as the last one you passed. We were completely overwhelmed by the amount of options they had available. Between the food, rides & other fun stuff, everywhere you turn is a sea of potential gluttony just waiting for you to give in. Giving in to your whims in this place is unavoidable!

Food Vendors Galore

The NC State Fair in Raleigh, NC is supposedly the biggest and best fair in the state. While I haven't been to many, I can definitely say that this fair takes the "deep-fried cake". It was positively massive! We walked all over the place, and got a pretty good workout, before finally making a decision on what we would do to jump start our evening .

Ferris Wheel

Since the best place to survey the entire grounds would be from the air, what better place to get a grand view than from a ride on the Ferris Wheel! I was hoping that we would get stuck at the top for a moment or two so I could take a photo, but we didn't. And to think, we almost waited until daylight hours on Sunday for our fair fun. I'm glad we didn't because I am a huge fan of all the lights, it's much more dazzling in the evening.

Starship Lights

After our ferris wheel foray, we elected to get some grub. Good thing our insatiable appetites are only met with these indulgences occasionally. Otherwise, those deep-fried delectables would greatly lower a persons life expectancy!

The Fried Dough Shop

Our pattern seemed to be ride,

Swing Lights


Roasted Sweet Corn


Zipper Lights get the idea. At first, our reasoning was that we didn't want to eat too much all at once or else we would get sick when it was time to be thrashed around on a ride. Thankfully, our tummies were tame and didn't disagree with any of the tasty tidbits we were consuming. You know, to have as many vendors and food options as we did, we were quite subdued compared to our normal ravenous natures.

Deep-fried Pecan Pie

Our favorite fodder was most definitely the deep-fried pecan pie! Yep, you heard right....deep-fried pecan pie! They deep-fried just about everything in this place, mac & cheese, pickles, butter (?!?!), candy bars, it was pure ridiculousness!

Deep Fried Foods Booth

The only reason I can come up with as to why we didn't have anything more than a foot-long corn dog, slice of pepperoni pizza, roasted corn & cotton candy (for the road) was that we were off our game, or maybe just spending wisely, or perhaps we were just crippled by indecision, which might explain why I didn't get my sausage with onions & peppers and why Cody didn't get his giant turkey leg?! Who knows.

Make no mistake, though, no matter how wisely you try to spend your money in this place, it is expensive! But it was well worth the expense to experience "A Whole Lotta Happy" because I was sporting a perma-grin the entire night! I can't wait to go back next year :D

N.C. State Fair Website:


  1. Awesomest pics evar. Really. They're wicked cool.

  2. These shots are exquisite!!! The fair should purchase them to advertise for upcoming years.
    We went to our fair this summer and had so much fun. No deep-fried pecan pie, however. :)

  3. love those night shots Jess, I feeling like taking a break!

  4. Oh wow! I felt like I was there.

  5. I used to love state fairs but arrrrrrgh, they've become a heart attack waiting to happen if you indulge too much.
    Your take on this and your photos, however, are great and bring back lots of memories.

  6. I love, love the fair--especially at night.

    How did you get night pictures so crisp--mine always turn out blurry!

  7. how i love the colors of a carnival!

  8. Wow, you got some incredible night shots. Makes me wish June would hurry up so we can go to our Fair.

  9. All fairs photograph so much better at night. Even the food looks more yummy. :)

    Looks like you had a really fabulous time!

  10. That looks like my kind of night out! My mouth actually watered when I saw that corn!

  11. I got fatter just looking at the



    Love the night shots, so sweet with the colours etc...looks just like I'm there!

  12. Love the Starship Exodus photo - totally cool. All great shots of the fair. I can't remember the last time I went to one.

  13. a giant turkey leg?! i have never seen that.

  14. Nice pictures. They really capture the essence of the fair. I confess I've never been to the state fair.

  15. Hi Jessica was in Raleigh a few weeks ago and was told about the state fair having seen it on a poster a friend told me he and his family were going, the children had been saving for sometime. Sad to say i had to come back to the U.K. BUT WOW AND WOW WHAT GREAT PHOTO's. Now you and Cody burn the fat off. Love to you both.

  16. Nice! night shots, all though I'm feeling a little sick after just reading what can be deep fried. Yikes it's rather scary mixing deep fried food and amusement rides isn't it?