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It has been one busy month. Not that I'm complaining because I obviously enjoy being on the go. In the past few weeks we have taken a trip to Charleston, attended the Music on the Mountaintop Festival and hung out with friends at a house on the lake for Labor Day weekend. 

In between those adventures I have also been busy trying to stay on top of schoolwork (graphic design studies) and fit in a few projects of my own. One of which included my very first bonafide photo session. The maternity session went very well and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. I hope to share once the clients have had the chance to look them over. Tomorrow, I get to do the pictures of their new addition, which I am equally excited about!

So, yeah, I've barely had time to breathe. And, really, there's no end in sight until winter hits. That's when I'll hibernate (maybe). This morning I woke up to do yoga on the porch with 55 degree temp. Apparently, we will still have some summery temps with highs of 80 for a little while, though. I rather like the cool nights and chilly mornings with sunshine sprinkled in the middle.

Fall is right around the corner. It is one of my favorite times of year, but I'm also happy that winter is on the way. We've had such an action packed spring/summer and I'm ready to slow down a little bit and catch up.

Just a quick note: There's a watermark at the top right hand corner of my photo. After finding yet another one of my images being used without my permission or proper credit, I finally decided it's time to add one. It physically sickens me to find my photos being used by someone who doesn't have the courtesy to say, "Hey, this is who took it."

I really don't know how I've found them being used,as many times as I have, but it also makes me wonder how many I DON'T find. This time, I decided that Ive learned my lesson and that if I continue to let it happen, it's my fault. I know that adding a dumb ol' watermark won't absolutely prevent people from using them, but it may make doing so a little more difficult. I want to share. I don't want to hoard my photos for fear that someone will use them and pass them off as their own. Those people suck, btw. Seriously. So, yeah, I added a watermark.


  1. Sorry to hear about the photo thieves... love your water-mark though! People really can be despicable at times, and you're they suck!

  2. I <3 the watermark. Sawesome.

    And eeeeeee!!!

    And.. um. that's my favorite continent, you know.

  3. Your photographs are so beautiful and you have every right to be upset when they are used without permission or credit. I have stopped visiting some blog sites because I've seen photographs I know they didn't take and yet they give no credit to the photographer.

    I like the watermark.

  4. As other commenters have said, the watermark is very nice -- definitely one of the nicer designs I've seen. It's a pity that image thieves make it necessary in the first place, of course.

  5. Watermarks are a necessity you can't trust people. I often forget to post the watermarked versions though.... not sure if anyone has taken my images .... probably not.
    That is a wonderful photo by the way!