I Miss Jacksonville Beach Montage | Florida

Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Sometimes I miss being able to head to the beach on a whim. Don't get me wrong, I love my mountains, but I do love playing in the sand and salt water, too. Scouring the shore for shells with my nephew is something I miss even more. To reach the coast from here in the High Country it would take at least a 5-hour drive. It's not something we get to do often because of the time it takes to get there. Usually, I'm okay with that, but I've found myself longing for another day by the sea.

Summer feels like it's coming to an end here in Boone, NC, which is probably why the beach is on my mind. This week we've experienced colder temperatures, especially at night. I've been wearing my knee-high Winnie the Pooh socks it's been so chilly! You won't hear me complain, though, because FALL is one of my favorite seasons. Honestly, I can't wait for it to arrive!

In the meantime, I'm going to attempt to soak up every last bit of summer I possibly can before the weather here in Boone completely changes course. So, until the next time I have the opportunity to head to the coast, I'll just enjoy the memories made this past summer at Jacksonville Beach with my family.

How are you soaking up the last bits of summer?

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  1. I miss the beach EVERY day! I love these pics!!!

  2. @Andi: At least you're a little bit closer than I am! haha Thank you :D

  3. I definitely miss living close the to the beach! The light in these is gorgeous.

  4. I miss jax beach also!!! The one here in biloxi is ok... but its just not the same.. and neither is swimming in a pool.. Love the photos!!!