Local Restaurant Guide to Downtown Asheville, NC: Sweet Treats (Part 2)

Cupcakes Sisters McMullen Cupcake Corner in Asheville, NC

Last week I published a blog post about some of our favorite restaurants in Downtown Asheville, NC. Part 1 of the Local Restaurant Guide to Downtown Asheville, NC included great places to eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner. However, there was one crucial component to a well-rounded meal that I left out. There's only one thing left to do once you're sufficiently stuffed, and that's to have some dessert! I mean, there's always room for dessert, right?!

Well, when you have some great places to grab a sweet treat, it's easy to find some extra space in your belly. There were a couple of shops that Cody and I tried while in town, and I'd like to share them with you.

Black Forest Cupcake @ Sisters McMullen Cupcake Corner in Asheville, NC

For the Best Bakery: Sisters McMullen Cupcake Corner — This unassuming little nook sits on a busy corner across from Pack Square. If you blinked while walking by you just might miss it it's so tiny, but that would be a crying shame. On a whim, we popped in to see what they had available. The small glass case was full of yummy looking cupcakes that were too tempting to pass up. It was tough to decide on which one we'd share, but the Black Forest Cupcake caught our eye. I loved the cherry pie filling they used on top, and the icing was light and not too sweet. We devoured it in a matter of minutes! Had we not taken the last Black Forest Cupcake, I would have gotten another one to-go it was that delicious.

Sipping Chocolate @ French Broad Chocolate Lounge in Asheville, NC

For the Best Sweet Shop: French Broad Chocolate Lounge — Any place that you walk into with a line that stretches to the door is obviously the place to be. Their menu is positively massive with all sorts of chocolately options to choose from, most of which I had never even heard of before. At some point while waiting in line I overheard a lady talking about a liquid truffle that she just had. A liquid truffle?! That's a new one. I had to try it! After browsing through the liquid truffle flavors available, I decided to go with the lavender and honey. Cody picked the cayenne and cinnamon. They came in a miniature coffee mug and were piping hot. I was surprised by the amount of chocolate we received. This ganache-based hot sipping chocolate was velvety-smooth and oh-so rich. I loved it. Next time, we'll share one, though, because they were very sweet. However, we both savored every last drop.

Beer Float @ French Broad Chocolate Lounge in Asheville, NC

We loved this place so much that we visited again the next night. Mainly, because it was a neat little hangout, but also because I couldn't stop talking about the Lavender Crème Brulee that I passed up the previous evening. I'm so glad that we did go back, because it was incredible. The caramelized crust on top was done just right, and the custard had the perfect consistency. A faint hint of lavender made this one of the best crème brulee's I've ever had the pleasure of tasting. Cody tried a beer float served with either a stout or a porter. I can't recall. Anyhow, it was topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. I don't usually like those dark beers, but they were a lot more appealing to me in float form. Even though Cody kept dipping into my crème brulee, he seemed to enjoy his beer float. I didn't think it was half bad either. We've actually talked  about trying to do something similar at home :D

Not only does Asheville have some great places to have breakfast, lunch, or dinner, but they also have some pretty awesome places to stop in for dessert.

Did any of these desserts spark your sweet tooth?
I know I could go for a cupcake right about now!

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  1. Your posts always make my mouth water.

    This one is no exception. In fact, even worse then usual, now I am frantically trying to figure out where I can get a cupcake in Santiago!

  2. @The Hot Mess: Soooooo yummy! You know you want a cupcake :D

    @Hanna: It really was! The chocolate was especially tasty :D

    @Mamacita Chilena: haha...That's a good thing, right?! haha Hope you found a sweet treat. If not, I'll post you a cupcake :D