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I feel like I've been on a looping roller coaster of emotion these past few weeks as I have delved more deeply into this self-imposed journey of redefining self-love. The whole idea of “loving myself more” makes me feel slightly squeamish because, let's face it, I don't know what the heck I'm doing or how I’m supposed to be doing it, but I'm willing to give it a try for longer than a mere trial period. What’s the worst that could happen?!

Redefining Self-Love Series: 5 Ways To Practice Self-Love

I'm starting to realize that it's not a matter of whether or not I have lost love for myself, the truth is that everything I need is already a part of my inner being. Yup, that sounds cheesy as hell but it's true!

While nothing in our external world can help us to reclaim self-love since it can't, technically, be lost, there are some sneaky and unexpected ways to bring those warm and fuzzy feelings into your everyday life more frequently.

Below are “5 Ways To Practice Self-Love This Spring.” It was 25 ways but I had to dwindle my list down so the blog post wasn't too long-winded! I’ll share the other suggestions I was planning to elaborate on in a Part 2 & 3 of the Redefining Self-Love Series.

5 Ways To Practice Self-Love This Spring by Wayfaring Wanderer
Aster from my archives taken 2009

When you make an effort to witness beauty in all things, you will, undoubtedly, see bounteous beauty in yourself. Seeing our own beauty might be downright difficult at times, but once you raise your awareness to notice the everyday beauty that already surrounds you in your life, it will inevitably spill over onto YOU in the process!

BONUS POINTS if you keep track of the beauty you witnessed throughout the day/week whether you do so with words in a gratitude journal or capture it using whatever photographic device you have handy.

Redefining Self-Love Series: 5 Ways To Practice Self-Love
Valentines's Day Daisies from my archives taken 2009

A lack of confidence can severely stall our ability to take action. I know firsthand what self-doubt can do to deter you from moving in a meaningful direction. It’s paralyzing at times! Those seemingly inconsequential setbacks can be detrimental to your drive and determination. Next time, try sitting with and questioning those insecurities as they emerge instead of trying to suppress those ornery thoughts. It's a great way to banish the control those limiting beliefs have over you almost instantly!

BONUS POINTS if you talk it out with an understanding friend. Reaching out to someone and asking for help might cause you to feel vulnerable, but that’s what friends are for, right?!

Speaking of friends...It may seem counter intuitive to practice self-love by being a good samaritan, but I can assure you that the kindness displayed will work wonders for your innermost self even though it’s for someone else. Once you are in a more loving and giving state this will open you up to receiving love. Not just from others but from yourself, too!

BONUS POINTS if this happens to be a random act of kindness. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, something small but meaningful will do. I left a handwritten note with no signature on a strangers car that said, “Just in case no one has told you lately, YOU’RE AWESOMAZING!” What you do for someone else doesn’t always need to be known or recognized. Secretly brightening someone else’s day will do nothing but create heartwarming feelings all around!

Redefining Self-Love Series: 5 Ways To Practice Self-Love
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Don't wait to receive one from someone else, write your own love letter! It can be as complex or simple as you would like. One of the most impactful notes I possess is from 2009, and it's a simple postcard I sent back home for myself while I was on a solo, birthday trip to Hawaii. To this day, I can still read what I wrote and feel instant love and compassion for myself and the journey I'm on—that trip changed the course of my life and I'm so grateful to have that priceless memento!

BONUS POINTS if you put pen to paper and pop it in the mail! No, really, mail it to yourself. It’s fun!

Something that can largely go unnoticed during turbulent times is our overall well-being. Are you moving your body by exercising, eating wholesome foods, and hydrating properly?! It sounds simple enough but it can easily be overlooked during moments when we are experiencing a lack of self-love. When I am not faithfully sticking to my daily yoga & meditation practice, slip-ups occur and my sanity goes berserk! Same goes for not creating & sticking to a weekly meal plan. When I'm not cooking meals in the evenings using healthful ingredients, we tend to rely on the quick and greasy tidbits found at a fast food drive-thru. It's enjoyable at the time but you feel dreadful later. Practice self-love by being sensible about what you're putting into and how you’re treating your body, it really is that straightforward!

Redefining Self-Love Series: 5 Ways To Practice Self-Love
Valentines's Day Daisies from my archives taken 2009

These observations are coming from what I believe to be common themes that can oftentimes hinder our ability to experience an abundance of self-love. I'm feeling inspired to embody a state of being that consistently and intentionally exudes self-love so that I may be a positive influence on those that come in contact with me.

I'm hoping that all 5 ways to practice self-love listed here will encourage you to take action in the name of self-love today. Not a week from now. Not later this year. TODAY! Take small steps if you need to and choose one or two things to focus on in the next week so that you can make self-love a priority along with me!

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I’d love to know how you’re planning to practice self-love this week even if you don't plan to use any of these tips! Please share what steps you’re taking in the comment section! I’d love to hear from you! Coming next week: 5 (More) Ways To Practice Self-Love (Part 2) and a CELEBRATE YOU SESSION GIVEAWAY!

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