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"I have learned how complex and overwhelming it can be to plan a wedding! It's not easy that's for sure!"

I've heard on numerous occasions how overwhelming it is to plan a wedding from my brides. They share nearly the same sentiment every time I check in with them as we get closer to their big day.

Another confided, “Honestly, I'm overwhelmed at this time trying to pull the wedding together, find a job, and take care of a sick pet and mother.”

Wedding Dresses from South's Clothiers at Smithmore Castle in Spruce Pine, NC | Boone, NC Photographer

The planning process is really stressful because there are so many different elements that need to come together in order to make it happen. It’s difficult and time consuming to search for vendors and ideas to make your big day special. And that’s all supposed to happen while you’re living your "normal" everyday life!

I mean, that's what wedding planners are for and why it's a brilliant idea to hire one to help you but sometimes being on a budget makes that impossible so you have to do it yourself.


As a newlywed myself that just got married 2-months ago, I know how mind-boggling it can be to bring everything together, especially since our wedding was planned in less than 3 weeks! It was no easy feat but I made it happen, and with minimal stress, if you can believe that! 

You can read about it in last week's blog post:
Focusing on the Marriage and Not the Wedding

People thought I was nuts. Frankly, you have to be a little crazy to do something like that anyway. But I embraced the challenge and overcame obstacles like a champ! 

What I'm hoping to do is provide a useful resource to assist my couples with wedding planning instead of allowing them to get swallowed by stress that can be created as a result of organizing such a special day. 

Basically, I want to make wedding planning less painful and a lot more awesome for my brides! 

Wedding Dresses from South's Clothiers at Smithmore Castle in Spruce Pine, NC | Boone, NC Photographer


Your wedding day is a reflection of your distinct personalities as a couple, so it’s important to do things YOUR WAY instead of how people think you should be doing things. 

What I love about being a wedding photographer is that no two weddings are alike because they are all unique to the couples I have the pleasure of working with.

Some brides plan a year in advance for their weddings, which seems to be the standard these days, and then there are folks that procrastinate while others just choose not to devote unnecessary time and energy to making it all happen.

Whether you are ready to begin, in the middle, or near the end, the Boone Bride Guide will help no matter how far along you are in the wedding planning process!

Simple sounds so much better than complicated, right?! 

Wedding Dresses from South's Clothiers at Smithmore Castle in Spruce Pine, NC | Boone, NC Photographer


I set out to create this wedding planning resource because once a couple books me as their wedding photographer, I like to keep the communication lines wide open! Yes, that may mean additional emails, but I’m interested in starting a dialogue with my brides to find out more about them and where they are in the planning process.

I try to be as helpful as I possibly can in the months leading up to their wedding day. I welcome them to ask me questions via email, text, or a good ol' fashioned phone chat  if they need any assistance with anything, especially if they’re planning from afar, which the majority of my brides are. 

So, with the various questions that I answer on a regular basis, I figured why not create an online resource that I can send them that has all of the information they need in one place! The wedding magazine I designed and send out to my couples is filled with lots of good stuff but the website will be JAM PACKED with goodness that I will be adding to on a regular basis!

Wedding Dresses from South's Clothiers at Smithmore Castle in Spruce Pine, NC | Boone, NC Photographer


In the Boone Bride Guide, I plan to use the new space to showcase local wedding vendors and business owners that I really enjoy working with and highly recommend.

I’m also hoping to share interviews and stories behind why they do what they do because behind-the-scenes sneak peeks are awesome, and so are people's stories!

When I got married at the end of June, I didn't want just any vendors contributing to my big day, I wanted people who share similar values and were kindred spirits because it makes planning a whole lot more fun when you like the folks you’re working so closely with!


It’s been great to have this personal project to work on to keep me inspired even though I’m nowhere near being finished with everything at this point and I’m supposed to launch at the end of August. Hopefully, I'll be able to knock out some pretty big chunks of work over the next week to meet my deadline. 

Boone Bride Guide | Wedding Planning Resource | Moodboard | Inspiration
What I've done so far is created two different mood boards for the Boone Bride Guide which helped me to develop concepts for the logo designs. One was whimsical and flowery while the other one had more of a tribal vibe. 
Boone Bride Guide | Wedding Planning Resource | Moodboard | Inspiration
After the moodboards were completed, I then did some sketches to flesh out the logo ideas that I had as a result of the inspiration. Once I was done doodling, I then tackled creating digital mock-ups on the computer. I designed a total of 8 logo mock-ups based on my sketches for the Boone Bride Guide. 

Boone Bride Guide | Wedding Planning Resource | Logo Concept Sketches by Wayfaring Wanderer

I’m really pleased with some of the early concepts that were formed and I’m looking forward to refining a few further so that I can choose a FINAL logo design because the next step is starting on the website that I hope to complete in a week! Is it just me or do I love these tight deadlines?! haha

Boone Bride Guide | Wedding Planning Resource | Logo Design Process | Mock-ups

Since this is something that I don’t typically do, I thought it would be fun to give you a behind-the-scenes look at why I decided to build the Boone Bride Guide and how I take concepts and create designs digitally.

Please keep in mind that these are just preliminary concepts and that they all need refining before they can be used as a logo. Variations will be created for each design if I choose to use that concept and refine it further. These are just to give me an idea of what direction I might like to go in based on the vision I have for the Boone Bride Guide! I'd love to get your input.

Which three are your favorites? Please vote in the comments because I would love to hear your thoughts!

If you’re interested in learning more details about the Boone Bride Guide as they are announced, I invite you to sign up for the Weekly Wander where I will be releasing information about this new wedding website to subscribers first!

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