Happy Lump Day!

Every path to a new understanding begins in confusion

Mason Cooley

*I've seen better days: Tonight we are going to take a ride to look at a few houses, I'm hoping that we will find something worth while. It would be nice if we found a place that we could move into at the beginning of July. But the way it' s looking right now that doesn't seem like it's going to be the case at all. We''ll just have to wait and see.
I've done some more piddling with the website stuff but I don't have the patience right now or the desire to make any decisions. Basically, I'm trying to decide who I should go with to host my site - I'm weighing my options. I'm not in a hurry anyhow and it's not a contest so it will happen soon enough. I'm just happy that I actually did something with an idea I had. That's a breakthrough!
I have been fighting with myself practically all day long. My sore and achy neck and shoulders cause me to be pretty irritable when the pain is really bothering me. I suppose that with my high tolerance for pain comes an intolerance for other stuff. Go figure!

(The Lump)

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