Rancho Bernardo Inn Resort & Spa | San Diego, California

Rancho Bernardo Inn - Collage | San Diego, CA

On the morning I set out to explore, a thick fog enshrouded the grounds. The faint mist present in the air clung to my camera and clothing as I slowly meandered around the gardens. So much for the sunny San Diego California weather I envisioned beforehand. I won't complain because the misty morning added a layer of mystic to my early morning stroll. The only other people stirring at this hour of the morning (7am) were resort employees. I took this time to thoroughly soak up the surroundings while waiting for breakfast to begin.

Fireplace @ Rancho Bernardo Inn | San Diego, CA

It was easy to get wrapped up in the old-world d├ęcor they used to adorn inside and out. The exposed wooden ceiling beams added a richness to the atmosphere, and the cozy nooks scattered throughout created very inviting micro-environments to kick back or have a chat. I'm not accustomed to staying at resorts with luxurious accommodations like those found at the Rancho Bernardo Inn. I'm used to camping out and sleeping in a tent, actually. A far cry from the elegant escape that this inn offers. What I learned while I was there was that this Rancho Bernardo resort was more than just a place to turn in at the end of the day. Instead of merely being a place to sleep, it was more of a destination!

Fountain @ Rancho Bernardo Inn | San Diego, CA

Not only do they offer deluxe guest rooms that are nicely decorated, they have a premier 27-hole golf course, a full-service spa, and various dining options with several on-site restaurants complete with a bar and coffee shop. They have everything you need and more at the Rancho Bernardo Inn in San Diego, CA; it almost seems as though they are trying to keep you there. Had Sony not already planned out my activities for the day, I would have found it hard to leave!

Rancho Bernardo Inn Guest Suite | San Diego, CA

I only slept at the Rancho Bernardo Inn for a total of two nights. Even though I didn't get much sleeping done due to the jet lag, I still found the suite to be a nice place to unwind. The beds were extra cushy with super fluffy pillows, relaxing on the balcony was a special treat, and so was the super sized shower! I didn't have a whole lot of time to spend in my room, but it was comfy when I did have some downtime.

Patio @ Rancho Bernardo Inn | San Diego, CA

I felt very well-taken care of during my stay at the lodge. It was an incredibly beautiful resort with many different amenities to keep you occupied and satisfied no matter what you needed. Whether you are in the mood for a game of golf, a special spa treatment, posh accommodations, or a place to host an event or meeting, the Rancho Bernardo Inn Resort & Spa is a terrific place to stay for anyone looking for an upscale experience in San Diego, California. 

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  1. that looks like a gorgeous setting! wow

  2. This is a beautiful place! is it outside of San Diego? I might be planning a trip to California later this year for my 30th birthday.