Let's do this!!!

This year for my birthday I would like to go to Vegas. For
1.) I've never been there
2.) It will be my first time to fly in an airplane
3.) It will be my first time going out west period
You don't have to tell me I'm lame cause I already know. But this is why I'm making up for it this year by going to Vegas to celebrate my birthday. I've tried to enlist several folks to meet us there so we can have some group fun. Jared is coming so far which is really awesome. Man, I can't wait - something to look forward to for sure. Who else wants to come!!!


  1. My birthday is on September 29th. But I think we are planning to go the first weekend in October which is around the 6th. Wanna go?!

  2. I'd love to!!
    IF I had the money
    IF I didn't work...
    IF my kids weren't at school...