Climbed but not Conquered

Friday night we went to Makoto's for some yummi sushi!

Saturday we went climbing at Grandmother. In this second picture you see Grandfather Mountain in the distance. It was a beautiful day.

Later in the evening we went out to a place called The Barn, it is a boulder field that is located on a friends land. Below are pictures of a problem called Woodruff's Crack. I have sent this problem before but unfortunately I was no where near fit to even do the first move this go round. It was very humbling to go back to these places that I haven't been to in such a long time. Just this time last year I was climbing the same problems that I couldn't do this weekend. And boy am I sore today! I don't ever remember getting this sore when I first started climbing. But I suppose that we tend to forget those sorts of details when enough time passes. Sitting on the sidelines I tried to remember the moves to the problems that I knew so well before I stopped climbing. I sincerely understand the whole "if you don't use it, you lose it" saying now. If it weren't for Deanna coming into town I probably wouldn't have went out climbing in the first place. I'm glad that her visit inspired me to give it another try. Somehow and sooner or later the spark will find it's way back to me..................

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  1. The sushi looks delectable, and your friend looks gorgeous. Please
    be careful climbing....