Friday Night ~ Date Night

The special was a 1/2 order of Flounder for just $7.50! For my side items I went with mashed potatoes, cooked apples, & hushpuppies. Last week after Thai I decided that this week we needed some down home seafood & having never eaten at this off road delight we decided to give it a go. Cody says that he's heard of Doc Watson coming to eat here during the week so I thought "If it's good enough for Doc Watson, then, it's probably good enough for me!" And I was pleasantly surprised. Everything on the menu was decently priced which definitely makes me happy.

The waitress' were so curious as to why I was taking pictures that once I went outside they asked Cody if I was with some sort of advertising company. He politely told them no that I just
like to take pictures of the food and places that we eat. And as you've seen, yes, yes I
do. It mainly started when I first began eating meat again. I was making a calendar for my Sister of me taking bites out of hamburgers, sausage, steak, you name it. After being a vegetarian for 6 some odd years last year I decided to start eating meat again. It was mainly for climbing purposes as I believed that it would help me get stronger, and well, it did. But ever since then I haven't looked back. I enjoy not being limited to a few dishes on the menu. Now, shoot I can have anything my little heart desires. Which by the way is more than my fair share of food.

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