(Last) Friday mid-afternoon once we left The Venetian we dropped Sister off at the hotel and Jared, Cody & myself went to Red Rocks. It was another exceptionally windy day so what we did when we got to Red Rocks was drive the 13-mile one way loop. And we also went into the Visitor Center because of course I had to buy a postcard! Anyways, we did get out of the car a few times to take some photos but for most of the ride we stayed inside the vehicle to avoid

being wind-blown. It would have been great if we would have actually had time to explore and hike a trail at least but we got there too late. Despite that the scenery was unbelievable, what we were seeing seemed artificial almost. Like they were backdrops straight out of Hollywood and we were on a set or some sort.
It was extremely challenging to try and fit everything in, we were only there a short while. Not even long enough to get adjusted to the time change, really. We did as much as we could without overdoing it I think. Had we tried to do any more and I would have been an absolute wreck! But we knew our limits and that was a good thing. The pictures taken on the far side of the 13-mile loop didn't come out as well since there was an enormous cloud looming above the mountain range. It definitely rained on our try to catch the sunset parade. Man, you can't believe how windy it was out there! We basically just drove through but I'm still glad that I at least got to see it for myself even if it wasn't in the greatest of detail.


  1. What a beautiful place. I am so glad that you got to see and do all this not only the Vegas stuff.

  2. Impressive! Sounds like a great birthday!!
    btw, I got your postcard!! Thanks!!