~ Home Bittersweet Home ~

Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam,
Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home.

John Howard Payne (1791 - 1852)

It may be tough for others to hear the truth about where my heart lies but it can never truly eclipse a place that no matter what will always remain my home. I miss each and every one of you more than you could possibly know and although I am not physically present just know that my essence remains...........until next.

Well, we made it to Jacksonville and back in one piece, thankfully. It was a nice visit and lucky for us not very hectic. I enjoyed staying at my Mom's house this time so that I could get in some quality time with her this visit, Ju-Ju also stayed over for the same reason. On Saturday we stayed at Mom's and didn't go anywhere at all which was truly welcomed since our visits usually consist of go go go! Thanksgiving day was a wonderful treat, I enjoyed seeing everyone greatly. I set up my camera on it's tripod and took more photos than most were willing to pose for, although posing wasn't exactly what I wanted. I relished the opportunity to get some candid shots of my family, it's not very often I get willing subjects that allow me to do this. Then again maybe because it's usually just me and Cody. I'm happy that I was thinking in advance when I scheduled to have today off as I'm very wore out from the drive and the rain which has set in is definitely not helping matters so today I plan to take it easy. More to come........

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