Post Processing

So, I've been lounging most of the day and taking some time to tinker with my new laptop. It was nice hanging out in bed this morning whilst having the ability to try out my new program on some photos I've been dying to manipulate. The above photo is from the Stone Mountain Set, if you have seen the original then you know how dramatically this photo has changed. Personally, I think it looks pretty awesome this way, although the original had a completely different appeal since it was complimented with a brilliant blue sky. As my friend "B" pointed out I've always been somewhat of a purist when it comes to my photography, meaning I never really spend a whole lot of time altering my photos since I generally like them the way that they are. Now this photo reveals to me that a little post-processing never hurt anybody.
Let me know what you think, which one do you like better?! Click on the link above to see the original.


  1. Thanks for your comment, into the scrapbook they shall go!
    I just saw 'Cooper Crypt' (one of your photos on Flickr) and ... WOW! What a picture! I'm off to have a look at some more of your pics, but just thought I'd telll you what I thought. xxx

  2. It's awesome, and should be painted on a canvas by rembrandt!

  3. Which one I like best? I think it would depend on my mood. The altered one has a somehow gloomy atmosphere...
    Nice picture, anyway!