Is that a Maki roll or are you just happy to Sashimi?!?!

I'm hoping that while I am back home we can get yet another sushi fix! These photos are from last years visit when we stopped off for some lunch at what used to be my favorite place to eat. The last time Cody and I did sushi we sort of went overboard celebrating his new job, but honestly how can you not when it comes to that stuff. It's awesome! It nearly turned my whole world upside down when I tried it with raw fish for the first time as I was a vegetarian when I tried my first (veggie) roll. Ever since then I've been completely hooked and I get a hankering every now and then which consumes me until the desire is satisfied. Yummy goodness that sushi is..............

*So, the time is getting closer and for some reason I am finding myself a little nervous even. This is pretty weird since I'm just going back home to see family and friends. I've changed a lot in the past year and I suppose it's hard to relive what I have left behind at times. I wouldn't say that I moved to run away from anything, it was just a matter of opportunity if you ask me, and suffice it to say it all worked out better than I initially imagined. It hasn't been all peaches and cream, believe me I've dealt with my fair share of adversities since being here, and yet the world still revolves. In a sense I'm stronger and am better prepared to face these challenges now because of what I have been through. What was important to me then makes no difference to me now..............I am a lot more fulfilled being here amongst what I have come to love, the mountains, traveling, nature, photography, and most importantly MYSELF - I have come a very long way!


  1. Are you now a vegetarian, a meatarian, and a fishtarian? Good, a little of everything is good for you; vitamin deficiency won't be problem.
    The travel, and anticipation of coming here to Jacksonville for a re-union on
    Thanksgiving day are just half
    the fun. We'll be expecting you and Cody.

  2. We'll be there with bells on.......Love you and see you Thurs evening!

  3. Mmmmmmmmm, I so LOVE all types of sushi, teppanyaki and teriaki dishes....... in fact almost all japanese foods (there are still some dishes that I dislike immensely. I tried chillied chicken feet the other day and it really wasn't my "cup of tea" - I guess my palate isn't completely international!). These photographs are soooo scrumptious!!!