Short Week...................

On one hand I'm ecstatic that this is going to be a short week for me but on the other hand I am not looking forward to the 8 hour drive back home on Wednesday. Since my treatment on Thursday I have not been in as much pain but I have traded that for soreness which pretty much translates to pain. Hopefully Cody will do the bulk of the driving although unlike heading to Atlanta I will try my best not to fall asleep on him during the drive. I'm looking forward to seeing my family as it's been since last Thanksgiving that we visited Jacksonville. The above shot is from the pier which overlooks the park directly across the street from Uncle Gene's house. He lives right on the river pretty much and it's become customary for us to venture over once our bellies are laded with Thanksgiving day goodness. I am so looking forward to stuffing my face with ham, deviled eggs, sweet potato souffl'e, and everything else that's making my mouth water right now as I think about it. Hopefully the day will also lend some ideas for Christmas gifts for those I have yet to buy for. My head start on Christmas shopping this year has only gotten a total of four people out of the way, I guess that's better than nothing!
Great news I won my new laptop yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been going back and forth on this for some time now and I finally decided that a laptop is what I truly need. I can't stay on the computer long once I get home from work since after all I've already been sitting at a desk all day long. All I get done usually are my daily blogs and most of the time I need to have it planned out beforehand so I can get it done as quickly as possible. With this laptop I will be able to comfortably do my thing on the couch without paying dire consequences later. I know with a laptop it poses other problems i.e. looking down for long periods of time, although I'm going to try my best to take preventative measures to avoid these issues. I'm so excited, now only if it came before I left on Wed.............but that would be a miracle!


  1. Hi there Jessica. What a lovely comment on my blog. It's nice to know that a) there are actually people who know that my blog exists and b) they care! Thank you. I was looking at your blog and you have some beautiful pictures, are you a photographer? (I haven't read your blog yet, just looked at the pictures!)xxx

  2. Well, pippa that depends on who you ask! My best answer would be that I am an aspiring 'amateur' photographer and I use my weekend adventures as an outlet to share my photos taken along the way. Photography is a deep rooted passion of mine.
    I am happy to have stumbled upon your blog and am looking forward in continuing to see what you have to share. Although, again I'm really sorry about what you and your hubby are going through right now......

  3. Congratulations on winning a laptop!!! Hope you'll win a new
    car next time....

  4. Okay, I shopped victoriously on EBAY!!!!