*The first snow of the season graced our presence today, it was highly unexpected; although that may be because I fail to check the weather like I used to?!?! Snow is perhaps one of the most mesmerizing sights I have witnessed in my life. For so long I was deprived the experience of seasons while I lived in Florida; this will be my 3rd winter and I'm looking forward to it. I'm excited that we now live near the greenway trail so maybe this year I will get some good winter shots without having to drive anywhere when there is a heavy snow. Ah, but there's the question of motivation again!! I am thankful that we no longer live at the top of that treacherous hill any longer.
Acupuncture: This appointment was very different from the last two I had. This week my pain levels have been abnormally high, as a result they decided to place more focus on the actual pain instead of the heat, FINALLY! This time I received a total of 14 needles, sounds painful, huh? It may seem scary but it's not. As I laid there on my stomach and attempted to relax I was so tense it took me a while to settle into the treatment. Once I did though I sank into the table and just started to melt - it felt really good to slow down. Quieting my mind is another hard part while I'm lying there; I try to eradicate any negative thoughts that wiggle their way into my head during what is supposed to be a relaxation period. After my time was up and the needles were dislodged I sat up after a moment and was relieved by the fact that afterwards I felt lighter. My shoulders are a little tender but I sincerely hope that I get some extended relief as well as some much needed sleep. I won't have another appointment until after Thanksgiving, until then I will try my best to remain calm and collected.

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