Tory's Den

The photo above was taken inside a 20 foot cave, legends say that it served as a hideout for British Loyalists during the American Revolutionary War!
I could not get a good shot of it from the outside because of how invasive the sun was at that particular time of day, and we were in a hurry at this point to get to the next trail after seeing the sights so I didn't dare take out the tripod. Now, the picture below of Tory's Falls is a prime example of how starved we are of rain at this time. No where near as photogenic as Lower Cascades Falls as shown in the previous post, although that too was not as robust with rushing water as I would have liked to have seen. Tory's Falls was pretty sad really, but I still decided to share the bad along with what I profess to be good.

I'm beginning to see that I am missing the boat in one fundamental area of photography, LIGHTING. I attribute it to the fact that we enjoy sleeping in on the weekends and I can't imagine dragging myself out of bed at the crack of dawn on a Saturday or Sunday to get the job done. I know my level of ambition is no where near those who take the astonishing pictures I wish I was motivated and dedicated enough to capture myself. I'm sure that I will come around soon enough but until then I won't let it bother me.

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