Stone Mountain Falls

“I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.”

~ John Burroughs

*Good new: Cody went to work today after about 3 weeks of not being on the job. I'm going to miss my stay-at-home boyfriend! Today, as well as the next week will serve as somewhat of a trial period to see how it works out. Our roommate Steve is the one who found the job for him doing trim work, on the plus side, if this works out he will be making more than before and he will be the envy of all who must work outdoors in the frigid winter months. Please keep your fingers crossed that he will be a good fit with the new crew.
Other news: I forgot to tell everyone about my Acupuncture last week, sorry. It went pretty well, was weird though. According to the lady I am carrying a lot of heat around my neck and shoulders which is why my muscles and skin are constantly inflamed. So, they worked out a treatment to help with that, they put about 10 needles in my hands and feet (no neck or back) to try and release some of the heat. Since Friday I’ve noticed a difference as far as my skin goes, the inflammation has significantly gone down! I have another treatment today and maybe then they will proceed to work on my neck and back this time. The cost is on a sliding scale based on your income, and I only had to pay $15 for the treatment!!

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