Starts with a Seed

A wise man once said, "Lance Armstrong wasn't winning Tour de France on his tricycle!", and as I couldn't stop laughing hysterically when Cody said this something about that statement rang so true in my mind. What he was trying to tell me was basically that everything comes in time, and essentially we must take baby steps to reach the status of ones who put their heart and soul into something and alas conquered. True, sometimes it comes easier for some while others struggle to accomplish such feats. In one day I can be encouraged and discouraged just as easily and in equal amounts. I see things that compel me to create but then I will also see some things that makes me wonder whether or not what I have to give will be as widely accepted as I hope. And when I'm sifting through the seas of the many other artist amongst us I can't shake the feeling of intimidation I have about putting myself out there like them. It seems as though it's a constant battle trying to convince myself that this is where I take that leap of faith and hope for the best. It's all a matter of perception, and yes, there will be those that like my work, and there will be those that don't. Plain and Simple..........but not really.

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