Forever Green

See my favorite Evergreen Cemetery shots here.

I have really enjoyed these cemetery photos taken while back in Jacksonville, I wish we would have gotten there sooner and stayed longer. Walking through you find some of the neatest things that otherwise would usually go unnoticed. We barely scratched the surface here at the Cemetery because later I found out that it was 167 acres which honors 70,000 lives. As far as I know only one person that has been a part of my life now resides there, Angie. Angie was a childhood friend of mine and my Sisters who's life was not nearly long enough - the day we attended her funeral will forever be etched in my memory. When we were kids we would have these massive sleepovers and watch the scariest movies and play made up games like dookie, dookie man (don't ask!) we practically lived at each others houses. It was always so much fun, we played together, got in trouble together, and eventually grew apart once we all got older and began to forge new lives for ourselves. Those days are long gone but not forgotten............

*I had to sort of smash the photo so it would fit into the blog :( although if you click on the photo it will take you to view it in Flickr.

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