Kicking & Screaming

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!

Christmas 1982

Here we are in Atlanta, Ga. safe and sound to spend Christmas with Cody's family. The drive went fairly well, thankfully we didn't hit traffic until the last 30 minutes of our ride. The weather was damp and dreary the entire time and looks as though it will remain this way according to the forecast. There aren't any strict plans we are to adhere to while in town so we'll be playing it by ear. I do know that I really want to see Sweeney Todd while we're here since being the lame town that we are, it won't be shown in Boone!?

I'm sure that you can tell that I've been sorting through some of my old baby photos* passed down to me from my mom. This one is particularly funny, aside from the obvious facts that a) I'm screaming bloody murder and b) the 'fake' Santa holding me can't wait for my parents to take me back so the screams aren't bursting his eardrums any further; what's even funnier is that another photo found of me sitting on Santa's lap is ALSO of me red faced, mouth wide open, with a full on scowl. There are only two that I've found so far but who knows what others are floating around in the land of forgotten photos that my mom still has!

*See a few posts back, entitled 1984.

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