Ornately Adorned


When walking through or outside of the home you are inundated with so many details. One is bound to miss something no matter how closely you think you are paying attention. This photo is of the entrance to the Biltmore House and as you can see from the windows to the rooftops it is bedecked beautifully.
The treatment on the photo gives it an almost menacing look, but that's why I like it. It reminded me of a castle in a way; I have always wanted to see one in real life, and so far this is the closest I have come.


  1. Interesting...what makes a castle a castle? Size, history, that house has both. But the definition probably comes with fortifications. In the UK Biltmore would be called a stately home. I would love to see inside it.

    PS I love the fish eye lens, like looking at things in a crystal ball :)

  2. A moat!! haha I suppose I have a particular idea of what a castle looks like, medieval perhaps, or maybe a drawbridge?
    You could probably get inside imagines from their website, here. Actually there is a slideshow, I just checked it out. It was magnificent inside and out!

    I was thinking the same thing about the fish eye lens......

  3. I love castles and have visited many. Truly, I can talk about them for hours so don't get me started! :D
    most British castles are Norman (drawbridges, moats, portcullises and murder holes) and were kept up until the Wars of the Roses. Castles were then very gradually abandoned as obsolete and aristo's started building the fortified manor/stately home type. As the country got more peaceful so the buildings got more ornate and less defensible.
    That wasn't too long was it? I deleted an awful lot of it too! lol

  4. What treatment exactly do you refer to?? I love the pic, and the one above, too!

  5. Sian: Thanks for the tidbit of history!!

    Nuri: Well, in photo enhancement software I do a number of different things to the photo, like fix the saturation, contrast, brightness, as well as apply different filters on certain photos to achieve the desired affect. I don't always use the same steps when making adjustments to a particular photograph, it really depends on the photo. And I am brand new as using those types of programs so it's all about trial and error for me! I couldn't tell you exactly what I did to this photo, I just tweaked it until I thought it looked better..........
    *Did I answer you question?!

  6. Oh and I forgot the photo above this one has only minor adjustments made to it......unlike this photo which looks vastly different from the original.