Blue Hole "Part Two"

Blue Hole Alcove

To find the universal elements enough; to find the air and the water exhilarating; to be refreshed by a morning walk or an evening saunter; to be thrilled by the stars at night; to be elated over a bird's nest or a wildflower in spring - these are some of the rewards of the simple life.
~John Burroughs

Blue Hole Alcove

*Here is a photo of another waterfall at Blue Hole. This one was tucked in a little alcove above the main cascade. By the time we made our way back up the sun was then beaming down, making the greenery above the waterfall a tad bit overexposed, oh well....I can live with that.
I would describe this waterfall as being was just cute....not very tall, maybe around 6-8 feet?! The pool of water that the outpouring flowed into had rocks covering every inch of the floor, it was quite a challenge to set up my tripod there, but I managed just fine. I was halfway in the water, and the legs of the tripod were partly submerged in the ice cold pool, it definitely took some fancy footwork for me to stay dry.....although at one point I slipped and thought I was done for! Thankfully, I made it out safely.....there is one more waterfall @ Blue Hole......I will post those photos tomorrow. I hope you've enjoyed our day trip to Blue Hole so far......stay tuned!
The second photo is not my favorite, but I did want you to have a visual of what the surroundings looked like......



  • Cody took the boys (photo link) to the Humane Society this morning, they are being stripped of their manhood......we won't see them again until Friday......I hope that Cody can cope, haha
  • I am looking forward to tonight; Cody and I are going to eat at a fancy schmancy restaurant here in Boone called the Gamekeeper (link to website).....I've wanted to eat here ever since I moved to's going to be great! Check out the link to see their menu......they have some interesting dishes.


  1. I think I'll have the elk please followed by the pear and red bull sorbet.
    Tell us what you ate won't you. I love food :)

  2. i'm with sian, i love food... but no wild crazy meats, bleurk.

    or i'll just sit here and stare at the pretty pretty waterfalls... sigh. why am i not there?

  3. Sian: You will definitely hear all about it!

    technodoll: wait until you find out what I ate!!!