Jones House

Jones House

On Friday, I took some time before my Acupuncture appointment to head over to the Jones House to check out an exhibit called "Untitled" that I read about in the newspaper. Normally, the hours don't coincide with my work schedule so, had I not taken Friday off, I wouldn't have been able to go - they are not open on the weekends. It was a beautiful day, unusually warm for this time of year, but that was the best part! This would be my first time going to the gallery since being in Boone; I don't really know how I let that happen but.....let's not forget that I'm new to this 'art' stuff. As you can see, the gallery is just a house, and there are offices throughout so the entire place wasn't dedicated to art. But even for it's compact size, they packed in a lot of various artists throughout the gallery, so, if you can imagine, the walls were pretty much covered. I even peeked my head in the bathroom to see what was hung up in there, but that was sorta weird.

It took me just over an hour to go through the entire place and talk to a few people, which reminds me, I have a personality. I tend to forget that sometimes, I forget that...... I have the uncanny ability to talk to anyone about pretty much anything, and sprinkle that with a little charm when I'm in the mood, and I'm pretty much compatible with anyone that I come in contact with. Friday reminded me of how sheltered I have become, but in many ways it's been a good thing, the new house (we're renting) is part of the reason why I've become such a homebody. When you're comfortable, and you like being there, you don't have much reason to go out all the time - know what I mean? The apartment we lived in previously was very very very small, & to give you an idea of how small, it was under 500 sq ft........*gasps*.......but it was cheap!

Anyhow, my main point was, we like to be at home, and I don't feel the need to socialize a whole lot, but networking is what it's all about. Or at least this is what I'm learning. I sparked up a conversation with a guy photographing a lady for the newspaper, he gave me his business card to check out his website, and of course I told him about what I'm into and wot not, and he seemed genuinely interested in the work that I produce......just casual conversation, really. The difference between us being, he introduced himself as being a 'fully trained' photographer, and his first question was "What do I shoot with?"......stumbling on my words, I answered "Well, I don't have any formal training in photography, it's just a passion of mine." Now, to me that statement sort of downgraded me a bit compared to him being 'fully trained' and all, not that I felt inferior or anything, don't get me wrong, that's not what I mean at all. But I can see how, in someone else's eyes they may perceive it that way........don't you? Or maybe you're all like me, and you don't really judge people in that way?!?!

All in all, it was good for me to get out and communicate and interact with other people. It's good that I get these issues out of the way before next Friday when the gallery opening comes. I'm assuming that there are going to be a lot of people there, but I've never been before, so I don't really know. I suppose we'll see soon enough!


  1. Well I have a degree in creative writing ergo I am a fully trained writer! lol! Labels - it's pretty much rot.
    Give me passion any day of the week.

    Wish I could be there at the gallery!

  2. I agree with Sian... how many people develop a passion for a hobby and become superstars? LOADS! so there you go. believe in yourself first, and the others will follow (like me!) :-)

  3. Well, in a way your answer would sound insecure. Why didn't you just tell him the camera you're using? Sometimes being too honest is not so good... I love your pictures.

  4. sian: This explains why you're such a wonderful writer :)

    it'd be neat if you could go....

    technodoll: easy as that....thank you!

    nuri: I suppose that when I saw his gear, it didn't matter much what I had paired against his $5000 worth of equipment; and honestly the type of camera I have doesn't really matter compared to my actual ability to take photographs, you know? When I said that, I didn't feel any lesser of a photographer.....cause in a way, it kinda felt good :)