I thought it would be of interest to see the same subject from two technical aspects. The top photo was taken with my regular digital camera while the second photo was taken using the TtV technique. As you can see the result you are left with gives two completely different finishes. I have really enjoyed dabbling with the 'new' technique. My plan is to continue working with it down the road with hopes that I will get better, and maybe I will find a way to make it more manageable, and possibly convenient!

What are your thoughts? I know some of you have expressed an interest in the photos.....care to be more specific on what you like about it? or don't like about it for that matter...........


  1. I have no idea what TTV is. Oops.

    I think the top photo has beautiful color and contrast. It's very pretty to look at.

    I think the bottom photo is more visually interesting. It takes the eye a few more seconds to process what is happening within the picture, why it might appear the way it does.

    Both types of pictures are great. I like seeing the contrast, very glad you posted both. Looks like you are having fun!

  2. Well, I prefer the colors and crispness of the first photo, but prefer the composition and layout of the second photo.

    So you could say that I like both, for different reasons :-)

  3. The right brain loves the second for it's dreamlike quality and the left brain revels in the orderly precision of the first photo. Which path do I follow?

  4. I prefered the top one initially because it is clear. But then the fairy tale/dreamlike quality of the second started to work on me. I don't know which one I like best now :)

  5. ***Thanks everyone for the feedback, I think do some more of these comparisons in the future.***

    Rebecca: On Jan 29th "New Method" I talk about the technique, it's where you take a photo thru the lens of an older top view viewfinder. It is fun and challenging to hold two cameras, one of which has a contraption attached to it! *see that post to get a visual

    technodoll: I feel that same way, they both have a completely different feel overall.

    shaman: I don't pay attention to my brain, I'd go with my heart :0 haha I agree with you that the TtV has a dreamlike quality.

    sian: I'm really attracted to the light in the first photo, it's so warm. and the colors really draw your attention in the first photo.
    *You can be like technodoll and like them both for different reasons ;)

  6. jm you are spot on it's the heart you just know when you hit the mark and feel it. some you just miss and others don't see the light of day.try getting the now.it's a dream of every artist to gain that perfection, it' worth the longing for the impossible.each and every day go for it.YOU NEVER KNOW? St Poddy